About Palm Beach Fertility


About Palm Beach Fertility Center


Infertility affects nearly 5 million couples in the United States.

One in 12 couples will experience difficulty conceiving. At The Palm Beach Fertility Center we understand the frustration and uncertainty you may be experiencing. We offer the infertile couple the latest and most advanced testing and treatment services available, tempered with high standards of patient care, education and support.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory operates under the strictest standards and is staffed by highly qualified technicians. The lab environment is maintained as a "clean room" with filtered, purified air and separate heating/cooling and ventilation from the rest of our facilities. Embryologists wear full scrubs and protective clothing at all times. Our equipment is on the leading edge of today's technology, including the latest microscopes, micromanipulators, and incubation systems. All materials are clearly and carefully labeled to ensure that there is no chance of a mistake, contamination or security breach. All of these precautions are taken to ensure that our patients' embryos may develop in the cleanest, most nurturing environment possible.

At the Palm Beach Fertility Center, we will provide individualized attention combined with cutting edge technology. We will assure that you have access to the most advanced fertility treatment available in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

Palm Beach Fertility Center continues to be a leader in providing state of the art fertility treatment services to South Florida and International patients. Numerous advances in clinical treatment and laboratory protocols have enabled us to maintain our high pregnancy rates and continue our quest to improve the quality of fertility treatment.

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