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Resolving Infertility with In Vitro Fertilization at Palm Beach Fertility Center

Many of our fertility patients have had great success getting pregnant with in vitro fertilization, or IVF. IVF gives the natural conception process a boost in the laboratory, and then lets the woman’s body take over for the rest of the pregnancy.

Dr. Mark Denker expertly manages each detail of this advanced reproductive technology, and makes critical decisions throughout the fertility treatment cycle.

Following are the steps most couples can expect during the typical IVF cycle:

Egg Retrieval
The first step in IVF involves egg retrieval. After the woman takes fertility medications to promote egg maturation and ovulation, Dr. Denker removes the eggs to prepare for fertilization in the IVF lab.

Sperm Selection
Couples that will use the male partner’s sperm usually provide a sperm sample the same day as the egg retrieval procedure. Couples that have male factor infertility issues, or lesbian couples, can also choose to use donor sperm.

Dr. Denker then fertilizes the retrieved eggs with the prepared and sorted sperm. The eggs are monitored in the IVF lab for 1-3 days, or 4-5 days for blastocyst transfer, to determine which embryos have the greatest chance for successful implantation.

Embryo Transfer
Our IVF lab’s highly experienced embryologists then select one or two of the best embryos for transfer. Dr. Denker then places the embryos into the uterus with an ultrasound-guided catheter. Sensations during the procedure are similar to those of a Pap smear. Good quality embryos that are not used in the first IVF cycle can be frozen for later use.

Once the embryos have been transferred into the woman’s uterus, there is a wait to see if the embryo will successfully implant and develop into a healthy pregnancy. In these cases, the pregnancy continues naturally with some additional monitoring in the early stages. In other cases, the first try might not be successful; additional IVF cycles will be needed.

At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we offer basic IVF, as well as breakthrough treatments in genetic testing PGD and male fertility treatments, such as ICSI. You can read more about expanded options for IVF here.

Contact us to schedule a fertility workup to determine if IVF is the right treatment for your unique situation.

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