Blog Posts in December, 2012

  • Palm Beach Fertility Center is the first North American center to offer the EVIE insemination device.

    The newest fertility enhancing technique is known as EVIE and is a pump that slowly releases sperm gradually over a period of several hours. EVIE more closely emulates nature and has been shown to double pregnancy rates over traditional IUI, making it more cost effective than in-vitro fertilization and an appealing choice for couples who have trouble conceiving and have limited financial ...
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  • Palm Beach Fertility Center and Dr. Mark Denker named Top IVF Clinic

    Recent data from CDC and SART indicates that Palm Beach Fertility Center is one of the top fertility clinics in South Florida. We are also proud to announce that we are one of the top 25 clinics in the nation , according to the CDC and SART. Our meticulous attention to detail at every step of the IVF process combined with our individualized care have earned us the designation and reputation of one ...
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  • Take Control Of Your Fertility Destiny Now!

    Palm Beach Fertility Center and Dr. Mark Denker are the exclusive South Florida Casting Center for the upcoming TV docuseries Bachelorette Baby Club. Reproductive medicine affords single women more options than ever, whether it is egg freezing to preserve fertility right now or donor sperm for the single mother-to-be. Embrace your fertility destiny and tell your story on a docu-series featuring 5 ...
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