Blog Posts in June, 2013

  • Celebrating Men's Health Week

    June 10-16 marks Men’s Health Week. The awareness and adoption of smart wellness practices can have a direct impact on male fertility, not to mention the prospect of living to see your future children grow up. Let’s look at some of the ways you can optimize your health: Cardiovascular health – Heart attack and stroke remain major killers in developed countries, largely due to a combination of poor ...
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  • Common Causes of Male Infertility and Lifestyle Changes to Increase Fertility

    If you’ve tried to conceive for at least a year without success, it’s probably time for you and your partner to undergo fertility testing. Dr. Mark Denker , the specialist at Palm Beach Fertility Center can help once he understands why you and your partner aren’t getting pregnant. Common causes of male infertility include: Low sperm count Abnormal shaped or poor sperm motility Erectile dysfunction ...
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