Blog Posts in October, 2013

  • Moms Unite through the Advanced Maternal Age Project

    Are you age 35 or older and trying to conceive or parent a small child? Dr. Mark Denker wants you to know about the Advanced Maternal Age Project , a non-profit founded to support today’s mothers of “advanced age” when they start a family. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we know that infertility is not the only factor that delays getting pregnant. Circumstances like building a career, or finding a ...
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  • Palm Beach Fertility Center Supports the Family Act. You Should, Too.

    When you face infertility , the cost of IVF can add hardship to heartache. The Family Act would bring financial relief to the 1 in 7 American couples experiencing infertility. Dr. Mark Denker and Palm Beach Fertility Center support legislation called the Family Act, a bill that could become law if enough people get behind it. Congress fell short on votes in 2011, but reintroduced the bill in May ...
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