Blog Posts in March, 2014

  • What's Your Fertility Potential?

    New AMH Fertility Test Can Predict Egg Reserve AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) is a new fertility blood test that gives women a better idea about their ovarian reserve, or the quantity of the eggs a woman has left. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we have more eggs to work with when a woman has an increased ovarian reserve. As women age, they begin to lose eggs more rapidly, and will eventually go ...
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  • Putting an End to Endometriosis

    Targeted Treatment for Endometriosis Can Restore Fertility For some women, endometriosis causes infertility ; for others, it does not. Your fertility specialist considers endometriosis a stumbling block to leading a hormonally balanced and fertile life, and will want to address it as part of a comprehensive fertility workup. While some doctors may recommend treating the symptoms of endometriosis, ...
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  • The ABCs on Getting Your Zzzzzz during Fertility Treatment

    Dr. Mark Denker and the staff at Palm Beach Fertility Center strongly believe that overall wellness and nutrition play a part in fertility health. During Sleep Awareness Month, we want to bring attention to the importance of getting your rest during fertility treatment. In Boca Raton, we set the clocks ahead one hour on Sunday, March 9. What you lose in sleep, we hope you will make up for in new, ...
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  • A Heartfelt Valentine Wish: Happy National Egg and Sperm Donor Day!

    As National Donor Day, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the truly life-giving generosity of egg and sperm donors who make baby dreams come true for countless couples across the country. The team at Palm Beach Fertility Center and Dr. Mark Denker witness firsthand the life-changing gift of donor eggs and sperm. Donor Egg and Donor Sperm Give Mother Nature a Push Even with the ...
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