Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • Lesbian IVF Options include Reciprocal IVF and Advanced Lab Techniques

    Lesbian IVF Options: When to Consider Advanced Reproductive Technologies Palm Beach Fertility Center has a long history of helping gay and lesbian couples realize their dreams of becoming parents. Today’s advanced reproductive technologies (ARTS) provide effective treatments, including lesbian IVF options that include both partners in the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. For many lesbian ...
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  • Keep Calm and Explore Surrogacy in Florida

    A BBC news article recently grabbed our attention, and it highlighted the stark contrast between U.S. and British surrogacy regulations. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we are committed to providing affordable and effective assisted reproductive technologies (ARTS) to all people, straight, gay or lesbian singles and couples. For gay couples and single men hoping to start a family, surrogacy makes ...
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