Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • Coping with Infertility Stress During the Holidays

    Even under the best circumstances, holidays can be extremely stressful. In the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, and family gatherings, oftentimes individuals feel pressure from relatives and friends on the various aspects of their lives. For those struggling with infertility, however, being asked insensitive questions during the holiday season can be difficult to deal with. In this blog, ...
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  • Fertility Preservation Options for Women Before Cancer Treatment

    There are a number of reasons why women would choose fertility preservation, especially if they know they would like to become pregnant and have a child later on in life. For many women who are about to undergo cancer treatment, however, fertility preservation is an important topic of discussion that is often left ignored by their oncologists. When life’s circumstances are not ideal for having a ...
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  • Palm Beach Fertility Center- Offering the Latest Fertility Treatments to South Florida

    Successful Infertility Treatment Begins with the Right Fertility Clinic To achieve success with complex fertility treatments, it takes a seamless blend of world class medical expertise and cutting edge medical innovation. For many millions of Americans, they rely upon this combination in order to realize their dreams of one day parenting a child. And with one of the best client success ratios in ...
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  • Palm Beach Fertility Center Helps Patient Become Single Father of Twin Girls

    Palm Beach Fertility Center’s most recent patient success story comes from Steven Lazarus, who is now a proud father of two beautiful twin girls, thanks to the tireless efforts of Dr. Mark Denker and his team. Steven is a single man who had dreams of starting a family. With the support and love from his family, friends, and community members, Steven came to Palm Beach Fertility Center for their ...
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