Blog Posts in January, 2017

  • How Can I Improve My Fertility?

    Planning for a new child can be both exciting and scary, but if you and your spouse are ready to begin trying for a baby, you want to ensure your body is as prepared and healthy as possible. Modern medicine has proven that both mother and father need to be physically healthy and sound in order for fertilization to occur. If one partner is fertile and the other has infertility issues, you're less ...
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  • Don-Hartley and Rocco Born to Loving Parents via Surrogate

    Palm Beach Fertility Center is proud to announce that Nancy and Pete are happy parents to two gorgeous boys, Don-Hartley and Rocco. Nancy and Pete’s sons were born via surrogates, who helped them achieve their dreams of becoming a family. The beginning of their journey with Dr. Mark Denker and the rest of the dedicated staff at Palm Beach Fertility Center was filled with hopes and dreams – ...
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  • Optimizing Your Natural Fertility

    Preparing the “Family” Way While modern medicine offers today’s aspiring moms and dads an amazing range of options for boosting their fertility, from fertility medications to IVF , there are still plenty of things these folks can do to optimize their own natural fertility. Good health, good timing, good diet — all these factors can improve your odds of making a baby the old-fashioned way. ...
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