Blog Posts in March, 2017

  • Egg Freezing Gains Popularity

    “The Bachelorette,” Season 11’s leading lady, Kaitlyn Bristowe, recently caught everyone’s attention when she shared news of her decision to freeze her eggs. Embryo freezing has been in practice since the late 1980’s, but has recently seen a huge jump in popularity. According to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, nearly 4,000 women froze their eggs in 2013, compared to less than 500 ...
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  • Can Smoking Lead to Infertility?

    For years, people have known that smoking leads to a multitude of different health problems. However, people still persist on starting the habit. Nicotine is highly addictive, which can make it feel impossible to quit. However, if you and your partner are having a child, you will likely need to kick the habit before you even become pregnant. For men who smoke, the chemicals in the cigarettes can ...
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  • 10 Common Fertility Myths Debunked

    When people finally decide to have a child, they might be at a loss for how exactly to go about it. They might have the mechanics down alright, but do they need to do anything extra to increase their chances of fertilizing early? Some people are intimidated by the fact that the act they used to share merely for intimacy or fun is now a medium for creating another life. The Internet can also be a ...
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