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  • Infertility Statistics Everyone Should Know

    Starting a family isn’t easy for everyone. Most people assume that infertility is only something a select few have to deal with, but, in fact, more couples struggle with fertility issues than you may realize. When you and your spouse or partner decide you want to try for a baby, you might be disappointed to learn that you are also struggling to conceive. Instead of becoming discouraged, arm ...
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  • The Truth Behind the Male Infertility Crisis

    Thousands of men across the U.S. – and the entire western hemisphere for that matter – suffer from it, yet male infertility remains a faux pas topic among most circles. What is it about the subject that keeps people so hush-hush? And how can we shed more light on the matter to help those looking for answers? Read on to learn more. The Facts According to a comprehensive study conducted by the ...
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  • 3 Male Infertility Solutions

    Are you and your partner dealing with male infertility? Roughly 30% of all infertility cases affect men, and nearly 1 in 6 couples deal with infertility, according to the American Pregnancy Association. In short, this is a more common problem than most people think. Luckily, if you are dealing with male infertility, there are treatments and alternative options available. Treatments for male ...
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  • Dr. Mark Denker Helps Overcomer Celebrate His 1st Father's Day

    Frozen Sperm and ICSI Lead to First-Time IVF Success for Florida Couple Boca Raton, Fla. – June 11, 2014 –Christopher Juried was only 23 when he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma B-Mantle cell. At the time, he was the youngest man in the world with the rare form of cancer. Aggressive treatment would eventually save his life, but destroy his fertility. Dr. Mark Denker and Palm Beach ...
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  • Male Fertility and Nutrition: Eating to Win

    Attention all men who wish to start a family: Eat to support good health, and you’ll be doing your reproductive powers a great favor. That’s an especially important message now that we’ve moved past the celebratory indulgences of the holiday season. Time to get back to those good habits! Obesity has become an epidemic in the modern world, and there are signs that it may be a considerable cause of ...
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  • Common Causes of Male Infertility and Lifestyle Changes to Increase Fertility

    If you’ve tried to conceive for at least a year without success, it’s probably time for you and your partner to undergo fertility testing. Dr. Mark Denker , the specialist at Palm Beach Fertility Center can help once he understands why you and your partner aren’t getting pregnant. Common causes of male infertility include: Low sperm count Abnormal shaped or poor sperm motility Erectile dysfunction ...
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