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Compassionate Assistance for Growing Families

At our clinic, our caring staff is genuinely dedicated to helping couples achieve their goals of becoming parents. Our commitment to our patients and their families shows in almost everything we do. Our staff takes the time to understand your situation, and we create fertility plans based on what is best for you.

Michelle Bigelman PA-C; MMS

Michelle Bigelman PA-C; MMS - Physician Assistant

Michelle Bigelman brings over 20 years of experience as a Board-Certified Physician Assistant specializing in Women’s Health, Fertility, Obstetrics, and Gynecology. She is passionate about optimizing patient’s lifestyles to help their fertility. She enjoys integrating elements of mind-body connection, nutrition, and stress management into her practice and always focusing on the individual patient and their health and wellbeing goals. Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition at University of Georgia, and her Master of Medical Science and Physician Assistant degrees from Midwestern University in Chicago with highest distinction. She is certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

In addition to practicing medicine, Michelle is a certified yoga instructor. Outside of work, Michelle loves spending time with her three children and husband, wearing out her energetic dog with long walks, practicing yoga, and sipping that first cup of hot coffee in the morning.

Eliza Roberts - Practice Director

As the Practice Director, Eliza has been contributing to the success of Palm Beach Fertility Center since 2007. In addition to her role as Practice Director, she is a Certified Medical Assistant and maintains her knowledge by attending fertility conferences throughout the year. She is also the Administrative Liaison on the Florida Society of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Board of Directors. She works closely with Dr. Mark Denker to ensure patients receive the best care.

She is your go-to person who "makes it happen." Eliza recognizes that financial considerations are very important to our patients. Understanding insurance benefits and obtaining the necessary referrals or authorizations can be cumbersome, confusing, and frustrating. This is why Eliza is always furthering her education to bring new and informative information to you and Palm Beach Fertility Center.
Eliza is available to explain the costs of fertility treatment and to make it as stress-free as possible. She strives to find new, affordable, and personalized treatment plans for each patient.

Jessica Villano - Practice Manager

Jessica is a dedicated professional who joined Palm Beach Fertility Center in 2016, igniting her passion for women's health and the journey of parenthood. Her commitment to assisting couples in realizing their dreams of starting a family is evident through her role in patient advocacy and providing invaluable financial counseling and assistance. Attending conferences such as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Jessica enriches her knowledge base, bringing back valuable insights to support the growth and enhancement of her team and practice. Beyond her professional endeavors, Jessica finds joy in cooking, dancing salsa, and playing basketball with her husband during weekends, embodying a balanced approach to life outside the workplace.

Brenda La Rosa - Assistant Practice Manager

Brenda's foray into the healthcare sector began early in her life, reflecting a longstanding dedication to the field. Her career took a significant step forward in 2020 when she became a valued member of the Aventura Fertility Center. With a deep-seated passion for Women's Health, Brenda has committed herself to supporting families on their journey to parenthood, embodying the center's mission to bring dreams of family to life.
Beyond her contributions to healthcare, Brenda is ambitiously pursuing a career in International Business. This pursuit showcases her exceptional ability to juggle professional responsibilities with academic endeavors, underscoring her remarkable dedication and commitment. Her decision to branch into International Business is driven by a desire to blend her interest in global markets with her foundational commitment to healthcare, envisioning new opportunities to impact Women's Health on an international scale.
Outside of her professional and academic pursuits, Brenda finds solace and joy in exploring the world. Travel offers her a unique opportunity to immerse herself in diverse cultures, broaden her perspectives, and recharge from her demanding career and studies. These experiences enrich her understanding of global health and business practices, further informing her work and studies. Additionally, Brenda cherishes the time spent with her loved ones. Whether it's a quiet evening at home or an adventurous outing, these moments are crucial for maintaining her emotional and mental well-being, providing a balanced foundation for her ambitious career and personal goals.
In essence, Brenda's journey is a testament to her multifaceted approach to life, combining a profound commitment to Women's Health with a keen interest in the broader scope of International Business. Her ability to navigate the complexities of work, study, and personal life, all while maintaining a zest for travel and family, paints a picture of a driven, compassionate individual poised to make significant impacts in her chosen fields.

Estrella Rosemberg, MSc, ELD, TS (ABB)

Estrella Rosemberg, MSc, ELD, TS (ABB) - Laboratory Supervisor, Embryologist, Andrologist

Estrella joined Palm Beach Fertility Center Embryologist team in 2015. She received her Master’s Degree in Physiology of Reproduction at Cornell University, New York City in 1984. She also did a fellowship in the Valencian Infertility Institute (IVI). Since that time, Estrella has been working as an Embryologist, Lab Director, IVF lab Consultant in all basic and advanced IVF techniques including micromanipulation, embryo grading and vitrification of oocytes, ovarian tissue, and embryos. She has extensive experience with andrology lab work, sperm preparation for IUI, sperm DNA fragmentation, and sperm bank management.

She is an expert in embryology staff training, laboratory management, and quality control. She has also participated in numerous international IVF conferences as a panelist and presenter.

She wrote 2 chapters in the book Embryo and Oocyte Cryopreservation. Estrella serves as the Supervisor Representative to The American Association of Bioanalysis Southern Regional Board of Governors. Estrella is licensed in Florida as Laboratory Supervisor in Embryology and Andrology. Licensed Embryology Laboratory Director (ELD) and Technical Supervisor of Andrology and Embryology (TS) by the American Board of Bioanalysis, and a Member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. (ASRM)

Ashley Bracke - Andrologist

Ashley hails from Missouri, where her upbringing on a farm instilled in her a profound affinity for animals and a commitment to caregiving from an early age. This early exposure to the values of care and compassion, combined with her family's background in medicine, guided her decision to embark on a career in the biomedical field. She pursued and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Missouri Western State University in 2014, laying the foundational knowledge necessary for her future endeavors.

In 2016, Ashley's career path took a pivotal turn when she relocated to Florida. It was here that her interest in the specialized field of male infertility began to flourish, leading her to assume the role of an Andrologist at the Palm Beach Fertility Center. This position allowed her to apply her scientific knowledge and skills in a practical and impactful manner, contributing to the center's mission of helping families grow.

Beyond her scientific and clinical pursuits, Ashley continued to explore the intersection of medicine and aesthetics. Recognizing the importance of holistic approaches to health and well-being, she became a licensed paramedical aesthetician in 2020. This certification enabled her to blend her medical expertise with aesthetic procedures, offering a comprehensive approach to patient care that encompasses both internal health and external well-being.

Ashley's professional journey is characterized by a continuous quest for knowledge, an unwavering commitment to patient care, and a unique ability to bridge diverse fields of health and aesthetics, underscoring her multifaceted expertise and dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

ERIKA MARS BEREZDIVIN, P.A.- C. / Clinical Director

Erika is a Florida based board certified physician assistant, who was born and raised in Miami. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Language, Science, and Arts from the University of Michigan before heading over to New York to earn her Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies at Mercy College. She rotated at some of the country’s top hospitals, such as Lenox Hill Hospital and Montefiore Hospital. She has a zest for life, spending her free time eating at new restaurants, traveling to exciting multicultural cities, and listening to both local and popular bands. She is driven by the desire to help others and help individuals achieve their dream of parenthood. She is excited to have the platform to educate and guide patients through their fertility journey. She is also proficient in Spanish and appreciates the opportunity to serve Miami's diverse community.

Kari Ratty - Patient Care Coordinator

Kari Caswell - Medical Assistant / IVF Coordinator

Kari graduated from Keiser University of West Palm Beach with an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting. In 2009, Kari was introduced to Dr. Mark Denker and Palm Beach Fertility Center through her externship with Keiser University. Due to Kari’s work ethics and outgoing personality, we were thrilled to take her on as a permanent member of our team at the clinic.

Kari is responsible for assisting Dr. Denker during exams and procedures, as well as medication injection teaching and phlebotomy. She works closely with our patients to help them with the emotional highs and lows of fertility struggles. Kari is a mother of 2, and wants to help others experience the joy of having a family of their own.

Gaby Ruiz - Medical Assistant

Gaby stands out as a committed leader in the realm of medical assisting, having acquired her associate degree from Palm Beach State College and her medical assistant certification through McFatter Technical College. Her journey into healthcare began with a role as a pharmacy technician, where she uncovered a deep-seated passion for the fertility sector. Renowned for her hands-on approach to patient care, Gaby is celebrated for her compassionate demeanor, significantly enhancing the healthcare experience with her profound expertise and sincere dedication to patient well-being.

Amanda Alicea - Medical Assistant

Introducing Amanda Alicea, a seasoned Certified Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist with over 10 years of experience. Amanda earned a place on the dean's list at Sanford Brown Institute NYC during her academic journey. Over the past decade in New York's healthcare sector, she had the honor of working at one of Westchester's premier pediatric offices and interning at an OBGYN clinic in the Upper East Side.

During her internship, Amanda encountered her first patient undergoing In vitro fertilization (IVF), an experience that ignited her passion for the IVF process. For the past 5 years, she has been dedicated to fertility work, collaborating with internationally renowned experts in IVF, assisted reproductive technology, and IVF research.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Amanda finds joy in unleashing creativity in mind, body, and soul. She enjoys dancing, working out, and, as a recent resident of Florida, has taken up water sports with her partner. Despite her energetic nature, Amanda confesses to a fear of public speaking. Yet, fueled by her belief in creating one's future and seizing opportunities, she sees limitless potential—reach for the sky, and if you miss, the stars await.

Amanda also harbors a delightful obsession with pandas, adding a touch of charm to her multifaceted personality.

Noemi Class - Medical Assistant

Noemi Class is a seasoned medical assistant with a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry since 2013. Over the course of her impressive 10-year career, she has diligently served in various departments, showcasing her versatility and dedication to patient care. Noemi has contributed her skills to pediatrics, family practice, and OB-GYN, gaining valuable insights and expertise in diverse medical specialties. In 2022, Noemi embarked on a new chapter by relocating from her hometown of Pasadena, California, to South Florida. Outside of her professional pursuits, Noemi finds joy in spending quality time with her family. Her strong connections with loved ones highlight her appreciation for meaningful relationships and the balance between work and personal life. Additionally, she enjoys immersing herself in the world of music during her free time. Noemi journey as a medical assistant exemplifies her passion for healthcare, adaptability, and the importance of maintaining a fulfilling life outside of the workplace.

Sonja Bell, RDMS - Lead Ultrasonographer

Sonja Bell, RDMS is a seasoned sonographer with over 20 years of experience in infertility. Sonja began her journey as a medical assistant before specializing in ultrasound. She is registered by the ARDMS in OB/GYN and Abdominal ultrasound. She continues to actively utilize and incorporate her diverse skills providing comprehensive and empathetic care to her patients. Drawing from her own experience with infertility, Sonja brings a unique blend of technical expertise and heartfelt understanding to her practice. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in the donor department, assisting patients in finding suitable egg donors. Her career exemplifies a commitment to holistic care and a deep understanding of the emotional nuances surrounding infertility.

Outside of her professional commitments, Sonja crafts candles, makes beautiful jewelry and writes a health and wellness blog. She loves spending time in nature and traveling the world to experience new cultures and perspectives.

Brooke Durant, RDMS - Ultrasonographer

Meet Brooke Durant RDMS, an experienced sonographer with a decade-long journey in the field of medical imaging. Brooke's passion for healthcare began in 2008 as a certified medical assistant, paving the way for her transition into the world of ultrasound. Over the years, she has lent her expertise to hospitals and group homes, honing her skills and deepening her understanding of diagnostic imaging. In the last two years, Brooke has found her niche in fertility sonography, where her dedication and compassion shine through in every patient interaction. Beyond her professional pursuits, Brooke finds solace in nature and cherishes moments with her loved ones, making her not just a skilled sonographer but also a warm and empathetic healthcare professional.

Dr. Lisa K. Perdue - Acupuncturist

Dr. Lisa K. Perdue is a Japanese American Acupuncturist. She holds board certifications from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Kiiko Matsumoto Style Japanese Acupuncture Practitioner, Certified Laser Provider, and Medical Qigong Practitioner. Since 2000, Dr. Lisa has treated a wide range of medical and health concerns with advanced training in fertility, autoimmune disease, PTSD, pain management, sports-specific injuries, women’s health, and laser therapy. She is one of the few practitioners integrating laser technology for fertility, along with reproductive medicine.

Ksenia Korovyakovskaya - Aventura Digital Marketing

Ksenia Korovyakovskaya - Digital Marketing

Ksenia is our Digital Marketing expert. She currently specializes in medical marketing. Ksenia has experience in digital marketing strategy, vendor relations, strategic planning, execution and promotions. She develops relationships with the local OB GYN doctors and other professional and business groups. She increases our digital footprint & web visibility in the Miami- Dade & Southern Broward counties.

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Anyone trying to conceive without success knows that infertility can consume your life. Dr. Mark Denker, M.D., R.E., and the compassionate team at Palm Beach Fertility Center understand that nothing matters more to you than building a family. We devote ourselves to helping resolve infertility with individualized care that produces optimal results.

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