Affordable Fertility Care

Affordable Care at Palm Beach Fertility Center

Don’t Let Cost Prevent Your Dreams

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dreams of having children to the high cost of treatment. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we have always gone to great lengths to make quality infertility treatment affordable. You will find that fertility insurance plans, fertility drug discounts, and fair treatment costs can put your goals within reach.

"Let us help you save on your IVF treatment” - Eliza Roberts, practice manager and patient advocate

We never want cost to be an obstacle! Call us today at (888) 819-5177 to learn more.

Tracking Down Every Source for Fertility Benefits & Discounts

The dedicated team at Palm Beach Fertility Center will assist you in looking into every potential source for additional fertility treatment benefits. We diligently research pharmacies coast to coast, going above and beyond to reach out to pharmacies that specialize in fertility medications and find the most affordable fertility prescriptions. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we strive to help connect you with the perfect pharmacy for your medication protocol.

Did you know that many drug companies offer free or discounted fertility medication programs?

Your cycle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or ovulation induction will require fertility medications to stimulate and/or suppress egg production, and help optimize reproductive function. Palm Beach Fertility Center reaches out to industry leading pharmaceutical companies to request samples or donated medication. We also stay current on the benefits that fertility drug manufacturers offer, including self-pay discounts and savings for uninsured, income-eligible patients.

Package Plans Offer Your Best Chances for a Successful IVF Cycle

Palm Beach Fertility Center offers IVF packages that can help you plan for your successful IVF cycle. By pre-paying for your IVF treatment, you take the pressure off of getting pregnant in just one attempt. Multiple cycle discounts allow for two or more IVF cycles without doubling or tripling the cost each time.

We also offer donor services to help reduce the expense of your IVF cycle(s) where you can choose to share the cost of a woman’s donor egg cycle with another recipient.

Medical Financing Is Available!

The struggle with infertility is can be emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting. Palm Beach Fertility Center staff members consider themselves patient advocates with the goal of making your fertility treatment process as trouble-free as possible.

Contact Palm Beach Fertility Center and allow us to research your options for affordable Infertility and IVF treatment. We will manage every aspect of your care with compassion, diligence, and commitment for optimal outcomes.


Palm Beach Fertility Center

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