Understanding Infertility

Understanding Infertility at Palm Beach Fertility Center

Using Targeted Testing to Find a Cause that Leads to a Cure

Getting pregnant is a very complex and sensitive process, even for two individuals in perfect health. If you are trying to get pregnant and have run into any sort of difficulty, do not lose hope. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we can recommend the best course of action to help you bring home a baby. We can work with you to determine what is causing the infertility in order to help you find a solution.

Our priority is to do whatever it takes to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy. Contact our infertility treatment clinic in Boca Raton to learn more.

Identifying the Cause of Your Infertility

For 1 in 8 couples, trying to conceive on their own results in disappointment as they struggle to find the cause of their infertility. If you have tried for one year to get pregnant, or for six months if you are older than 35, take a proactive step now and partner with a fertility specialist.

We work with both female and male patients:

  • Female infertility: Home ovulation kits may reveal a problem or you may suspect that you have endometriosis or polycystic ovary disease (PCOS). Symptoms include irregular, heavy periods, acne, excessive hair growth, or breast changes. We may recommend fertility drugs to facilitate ovulation, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, or advanced therapies as part of an individualized treatment plan.
  • Male infertility: Male infertility accounts for approximately 40% of all cases we see at Palm Beach Fertility Center. Simple blood tests can reveal low sperm counts and production or function issues. We help couples overcome low sperm counts with ICSI paired with IVF. Should you require surgical intervention, we specialize in fertility after vasectomy and varicocele repair.

Circumstances such as career demands, health issues or delayed marriages sometimes result in age-related fertility issues. Rest assured that advances in fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), donor egg, and donor sperm often negate biological-clock constraints.

Testing & Diagnosis for the Causes of Infertility

We understand that fertility is a very personal subject and it can be difficult for some people to discuss. Dr. Denker and the team are extremely compassionate and we are dedicated to supporting you and making you feel comfortable.

Most couples under 30 years old should conceive after one year or less of having regular, unprotected intercourse. If conception does not take place after that time, a number of tests are available to determine the cause of the infertility. Dr. Denker believes that blood testing, basal temperature monitoring, and pelvic ultrasound are all first-round assessments that may be performed on infertile women. In men, examining a sperm sample is a logical first step.

Infertility Treatments

Infertility treatments in Boca Raton may be as simple as lifestyle and diet education and counseling. When additional steps are necessary, fertility treatments including intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in-vitro fertilization (IVF), coupled with fertility enhancing medicines, may be required. These medications may also be used alone.

Any underlying cause, such as infection, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts, must be treated as well. For those who need a little help, Palm Beach Fertility Center offers a full line of fertility treatments, including Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) and newly approved methods such as the EVIE time-release insemination system.

Please contact us at (888) 819-5177 if you would like to speak with our physician about infertility treatments at Palm Beach Fertility Center.


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