Age and Infertility

Female Age & Infertility

Take Proactive Measures to Protect Your Fertility at Palm Beach Fertility Center

Times have changed and there is not as much pressure on women to have children at a young age like there once was. In fact, there are many different reasons why you may have waited to have a child. Many couples opt to wait to have children for many reasons, including career goals, relationship statuses, and educational timelines to name a few.

Dr. Mark Denker cites one very compelling reason to try to get pregnant before your mid- to late-30's because the odds for conceiving rapidly decline beginning at approximately age 35.

Age-Related Infertility in Palm Beach

Knowing the facts about your fertility potential can help you manage your reproductive years and in some cases, take preventative steps. Occurrences of age-related infertility have increased as women wait until later in life to start a family. We can help you to discuss your future family goals and how we can achieve them, such as with fertility preservation and egg freezing.

A few important points in regards to female age and fertility to consider include:

  • Women are born with a finite number of egg-containing follicles that dissipate with every menstrual cycle, through ovulation and atresia, beginning at puberty and ending at menopause.
  • Maintaining good health habits, including staying in shape and eating nutritious foods, will not mitigate the egg aging process.
  • Egg quality diminishes as a woman ages. Genetic abnormalities are more common and the risk for infertility and miscarriage increases with the passing of time.

Beyond issues with female age and infertility, women can sometimes experience premature menopause and diminished ovarian reserve that is not age-related. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we do not believe that you are simply a statistic - you are a person and you deserve to be treated with personalized care.

How to Avoid Age-Related Infertility

You are already taking action to protect your fertility by educating yourself and deciding to take preventative steps. Dr. Mark Denker is committed to raising awareness about female age and infertility.

If you feel ready to visit Dr. Denker to discuss female age and infertility, contact us today at (888) 819-5177. We can provide information and assessments to help you formulate a plan for building your family.


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