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  • We want to thank you for your help in bringing us into the world

    We are now one year old! Lots of friends joined us to celebrate at our “Baby Luau”. Do you like our grass skirts? Mommy and Daddy say that we are their JOY. We want to thank you for your help in bringing us into the world and into their arms. We are each quite an armful! We arrived 6 1/2 weeks early, but we are now in the 90th percentile for height and weigh! We are grateful for the love and prayers of so many! Aloha and Mahalo!

    - Submitted By Anonymous
  • We want to thank Dr. Mark Denker and his staff for making our dreams come true.

    Dear Dr. Mark Denker I apologize for not writing you a letter so far, but I never forgot and will never forget your help, so here it is. Me and my wife have tried to have another baby for over 4 years now. We have a 7-year-old girl and naturally wanted to expand our family so she can have a brother or a sister. After 1 year of unsuccessful attempts we visited a well-known clinic in Miami. My personal thought was that the place was cold, we had minimal interaction with the doctor and, every time we needed to call, it would have been another nurse who would call us back, even though she was not someone we worked with before. We have gone through a cycle with them and were unsuccessful, when we went for the 2nd one we were told we would not be accepted again. This is due to statistics that the clinic is trying to achieve and another unsuccessful attempt would lower their records. We decided to visit a well-known clinic in Broward County; however we never even started the treatment there due the “factory” setting the place projected. You never see any faces through the sliding glass, every time it’s another doctor who is treating you, so you feel like you repeating issues and questions over and over. We never even completed the treatments there. We then went overseas and were able to achieve pregnancy after two cycled, however we had a miscarriage and we were back to where we were 4 years ago. Needless to say we spent quite a sum of money by now, and we had to make a decision if we are trying again or adopting. We attended an IVF mini-conference in one of the hotels in Boca Raton. We saw Dr. Mark Denker, his staff, and other professionals working with couples who are unable to conceive. I was reluctant to go to another doctor especially from Boca Raton, where you expect to pay more, and I thought it was ‘cold” and isolated in some of the clinics we went to , I was certain it would be worse at his clinic. We were surprised. As soon as you walk into the office the sliding window is open, the nurse who greets you does not shut the window as soon as you sign in and everyone is genuinely friendly. I was very impressed with the fact that we dealt with one doctor, and how he returned our calls when we had questions or issues. Everything worked like a clock; we never waited for a long time in the lobby like with other clinics, and everyone was very professional. As you know with IVF treatments timing is critical and I was impressed again, of how everything was moving along precisely and effortlessly, this by far was the best IVF treatment we have gone through. We are now into our 6th month pregnancy with twin Girls. We want to thank Dr. Mark Denker and his staff for making our dreams come true, I truly believe that if not for his clinic, and how he treated us we would have given up by now.

    - Submitted By M. & S.
  • We Highly Recommend Dr. Denker

    Dr. Denker and his staff were amazing throughout the entire process. Because of them, we now have our adorable daughter, Stevie. We highly recommend Dr. Denker and the Palm Beach Fertility team to anyone struggling to build their family.

    - Submitted By Erin & Eric H.
  • Our Little Girl Is More Than We Could Ever Have Imagined

    Dr. Denker took our dreams and made them a reality. He succeeded where other fertility clinics had failed. If not for Dr. Denker and his Team of Professionals coming to our rescue, we would not have our little girl, her laughter, her smiles, or the pitter-patter of her little feet. I get choked up every time I reflect on what Dr. Denker and his Team have done for me and my family. Keira is an angel who will live a long beautiful life with wonderful experiences and great opportunity. My little girl is more than I could ever have imagined, so much more than I could ever have hoped for. Not a moment goes by where we do not reflect on how blessed we are to have her in our lives. We would like to thank Dr. Denker and his Team for all of their care and support, making the entire process a positive experience with their expertise and compassion.

    - Submitted By Keira's Mommy
  • Words Can’t Describe The Love

    Words can’t describe the love and appreciation we have for this amazing staff. Without you, we wouldn’t have our amazing little Kaia Isabella!

    - Submitted By Tamara N. & Ili S.
  • Dr. Denker And His Staff Are Amazing

    Dr. Denker and his staff are amazing! They made me feel very comfortable and at ease as soon as I walked through their door. They were always there and happy to help whenever I had questions or concerns. Because of them I have my precious little boy. Thank you so much, Dr. Denker.

    - Submitted By Christina V.