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Palm Beach Fertility Center Leads the Way in Infertility Diagnosis & Treatment

Since opening our doors in 1994, our reputation stands alone as providers of compassionate medical assistance using state-of-the-art technology.

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Outstanding Pregnancy Success Rates

Our IVF Laboratory is certified by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations ensuring you the highest level of safety and comfort.

Palm Beach Fertility Center is committed to excellence and one-on-one personal patient care. It's no wonder that our patients say Dr. Mark Denker and our caring staff are a cut above the rest.

Our IVF Success Rates

Before you commit to a cycle of in-vitro fertilization, it is important that you gather facts about the fertility clinic, the fertility specialist, and the fertility treatment itself. Palm Beach Fertility Center attests to its services and commitment to patient care. We invite you to read about our legacy of accomplishment from an independent source for clinical data on IVF success rates.

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology represents more than 375 member clinics (85% of IVF clinics) in the United States, and regulates standards safeguarding the integrity of assisted reproductive services. "Comparison of IVF success rates between and among practices is unreliable because there are many different factors that can influence a clinic's statistical success rates, including patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria for ART." Click here to link to our clinics summary report

Palm Beach Fertility Center and Dr. Mark Denker maintains membership in SART, adhere to guidelines in patient care, and follow the best practices in fertility treatment. One of the requirements of SART membership involves reporting IVF success rates each year.

Palm Beach Fertility Center, SART, & CDC: Raising the Standard of Care for Infertility Treatment

Without accountability, a fertility center could easily claim to have the “best” IVF success rates, or skew rates by avoiding treating patients that statistically aren’t likely to get pregnant or are of advanced maternal age.

Since 1985, clinics like Palm Beach Fertility Center have reported cumulative results of IVF cycles to SART at the end of each calendar year. Results are collected via a secure computer program, analyzed and validated, before being submitted to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for final audit. The CDC publishes the report only after all member fertility clinics submit final data.

IVF Success Rates: Interpreting SART Data

When you review fertility success rate tables on the CDC website, new pop-up bubbles will explain the significance of the category. It’s difficult to compare fertility clinic to fertility clinic because success rates depend on the number of IVF cycles performed, patient age, and the percentage of difficult cases in that calendar year.

  • Dr. Denker suggests that you hone in on the following numbers:
  • Number of IVF cycles: Your fertility center should demonstrate experience with IVF without over-committing at the expense of patient care and attention.
  • Age range: Pay attention to the category that you fall under and verify that your fertility center offers donor services as a back-up plan.
  • Clinical pregnancies versus live births: Early pregnancy reports don’t always reflect a happy ending. Look for live birth rates to fully assess a fertility clinic’s record.
  • Percentage of cancelled cycles: Not every woman responds favorably to fertility medications or produces “textbook” results during IVF treatment. Some IVF centers cancel a cycle before egg retrieval so the cycle will not reflect poorly on annual results.
  • Twins and multiple births: Multiples can put both mother and babies at risk. Advances in reproductive medicine allow for single embryo transfer, Day 5 embryo transfer and preimplantation genetic diagnosis to minimize the risk for multiple births.

Benefit from Our Quality, Compassionate Care

Palm Beach Fertility Center holds to a higher standard of infertility care and prioritizes patient goals for a successful pregnancy over statistical IVF benchmarks.

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