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Shedding Light on Female Infertility Issues

Treating Infertility in Women of All Ages

At Palm Beach Fertility Center, our goal is to help women successfully conceive and become mothers. If you are a woman who has faced fertility struggles, it can be hard not to blame yourself, but try to stay optimistic. You are not to blame. It’s important to recognize that your female body is highly complex, and specific imbalances may cause infertility. Our fertility specialist Dr. Mark Denker will help you to understand exactly what is happening in your body and the best way to resolve it.

Am I Infertile?

Female infertility occurs when a fertilized egg does not stick to the uterine wall, or endometrium. Lack of ovulation, called anovulation, is also a very common cause of infertility, and fortunately, it is easily treatable. With our team’s extensive knowledge and experience, even a seemingly hopeless case may be resolved with careful treatment.

Any of the following may cause female infertility:

  • Chronic illnesses, such as cancer
  • Clotting disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Congenital abnormalities of the reproductive tract
  • Tumors, both benign and malignant, in the uterus

Other Factors Affecting Conception

Women may be unable to conceive for any number of reasons, including eating disorders, obesity, poor nutrition, and the use of certain medications. Although exercise is considered part of a healthy lifestyle, an overabundance of physical stress or failure to maintain a healthy weight can also be the foundation of fertility problems.

Hormone imbalances, scar tissue from uterine trauma (from sexually transmitted infections, endometriosis, and other conditions), and advanced maternal age are all additionally noted sources of infertility. Typically, one or more of these physical causes are identified and can be addressed. However, some women experience stress-induced infertility or present with inexplicable (“idiopathic”) failure to conceive.

No matter your situation, you can rely on our caring team in the nurturing environment of Palm Beach Fertility Center to help. Reach out to us today at (888) 819-5177 if you are interested in an appointment to discuss your options.

Fertility Care as
Unique as Your DNA

Anyone trying to conceive without success knows that infertility can consume your life. Dr. Mark Denker, M.D., R.E., and the compassionate team at Palm Beach Fertility Center understand that nothing matters more to you than building a family. We devote ourselves to helping resolve infertility with individualized care that produces optimal results.

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