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FemVue® Testing for Tubal Patency in Boca Raton & Aventura

Tubal Patency Assessments to Determine if Fallopian Tubes Are Patent or Blocked

Fertility is such a complex subject, and it can quickly get very confusing if you are trying to understand it on your own. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we are happy to work with you to answer your questions and provide you with information that relates to your fertility. One of the forms of testing we offer is called FemVue®, which is used to determine tubal patency.

How Is FemVue® Testing Completed?

FemVue® is a new test for tubal patency that can be performed easily in the office. A thin, flexible catheter is inserted through the cervix, and the uterine cavity is filled with saline solution. The solution then flows into the fallopian tubes, and the fluid and bubbles can be seen escaping from the uterus and into the tubes, indicating that the fallopian tubes are open.

FemVue® FAQ

A few key questions that we can answer about this procedure include:

How accurate is the procedure?

The procedure is safe and accurate. Both FemVue® and HSG (hysterosalpingography) have a similar “false positive” rate – about 10%. This means that when the test shows that the fallopian tubes are blocked, they are actually open.

What happens if the FemVue® shows my tubes are blocked?

The next step is to determine all the other possible factors that may be affecting your chances to conceive. For most women with unexplained infertility, the next step is usually a laparoscopy to assess the pelvis and determine if there is endometriosis, adhesions, or other factors affecting fertility.

Is the procedure uncomfortable, and what is required to complete it?

The procedure is associated with minimal cramping and requires no x-rays to perform. It is also performed in our office, eliminating the need for a trip to the hospital or imaging center. You will not have to fill out any additional paperwork other than the consent.

We care about your fertility and helping you understand your chances of conceiving. Even if your tests show that there is a problem, we can work with you to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Get started today by calling our office at (888) 819-5177 for an appointment.

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