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Donor Eggs for LGBT Couples in Boca Raton & Aventura

Invest in Your Happiness & Your Future Family

You’ve decided to start a family, and the next step in the process will involve the same advanced reproductive technologies that assist opposite-sex couples in building a family. Fortunately, the complications that exist for gay couples are not as complex as they once were, thanks to donor eggs. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, our knowledgeable and caring team welcomes your questions about donor eggs for gay couples.

Your Trusted & Tested Source for Donor Eggs

Once you decide to begin your family, it helps to know that the source for good quality eggs is under the same roof as your fertility specialist. Our in-house donor egg bank has a proven track record for successful pregnancies. Your concerns are our concerns, and you can trust that we will work to address them appropriately.

We are here to provide counsel and fertility treatment options for single and gay couples and welcome you to contact us. If male infertility becomes another factor, Dr. Denker has the experience and advanced training to help you resolve that hurdle as well.

You can also learn more about donor eggs for LGBT couples by watching this informative video: LGBTQ Parenting & Choosing an Egg Donor.

Experienced Fertility Physician Here for You

Dr. Mark Denker is an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) and fertility specialist. He embraces the LGBTQ community and has devoted his life to helping men and women become parents. He understands your sincere desire to share a biological connection with your child and honors your choice to pursue fertility treatment, including donor eggs.

A sought-after fertility specialist in Florida, Dr. Mark Denker, has the experience and connections with reputable egg banks to help you throughout this exciting journey. After an initial consultation at our Palm Beach fertility clinic, you will have decisions to make about your unique plans for third-party reproduction.

A few questions we may discuss with you in your initial appointment include:

  • Which partner will donate sperm?
  • What is on your wish list for the egg donor?
  • Will you choose a gestational carrier?
  • Do you have a specific person to carry your baby?

Please contact us now at (888) 819-5177 to schedule an initial appointment and to learn more about donor eggs for gay couples at Palm Beach Fertility Center.

Fertility Care as
Unique as Your DNA

Anyone trying to conceive without success knows that infertility can consume your life. Dr. Mark Denker, M.D., R.E., and the compassionate team at Palm Beach Fertility Center understand that nothing matters more to you than building a family. We devote ourselves to helping resolve infertility with individualized care that produces optimal results.

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