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Egg Donation FAQs for Future Parents

Get Answers to Your Top Questions About Using Donor Eggs

Who Can Become a Recipient of Egg Donation?

Egg donation recipients typically struggle with infertility for many years. Female infertility may be caused by diminished ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, premature menopause, poor quality eggs, or other factors. Women can still be able to conceive with donor eggs even if they have had their fallopian tubes removed or if they are in menopause, pending a full medical evaluation.

Why Do Egg Donor Recipients Need a Psychological Evaluation?

Choosing to become a recipient of donated eggs is very emotional and carries specific concerns parents do not face when they conceive without assisted reproductive technology. For instance, you

Can LGBTQ Couples Receive Donated Eggs at Palm Beach Fertility Center?

Yes! We firmly believe anyone who wishes to become a parent should be able to do so, regardless of their marital status or sexual orientation. During this consultation, you can discuss your fertility struggles, your concerns, and explore issues related to working with a donor. You can also discuss the implications of raising a non-biological child, parenting at an older age (if applicable), LGBTQ parenting (if applicable), and much more. Learn more about our LGBTQ services.

What Is the Egg Donor Eligibility Criteria?

Our egg donor program at Palm Beach Fertility Center has strict minimum criteria. Every prospective egg donor must submit to a full medical and psychological exam to ensure she is a good candidate and has the right motivation to donate her eggs and waive all parental rights forever. Learn more about egg donor eligibility criteria here.

Will I Get to Meet My Egg Donor?

No. The egg donor program at Palm Beach Fertility Center is strictly anonymous, and we have the highest standards for maintaining both donor and recipient confidentiality. Additionally, donors are not required to submit a photo on our website database, and if they do, it will only be shown to you in our office so you cannot keep a hard or digital copy of the image. All egg donors are asked, however, to submit at least one childhood photo of themselves.

How Much Will I Know About My Egg Donor?

More than you might think! Although you will not receive identifying information about the donor, you will learn their physical characteristic, educational level, their personal interests, and their motivation for donating their eggs.

What Are the Legal Arrangements?

Meeting with an attorney and signing official documents is a critical component in the egg donation process. Prospective parents must enter into a legally binding agreement with their egg donor to set forth the donor and the recipient’s rights and responsibilities. Dr. Mark Denker can refer you to an attorney who specializes in third-party reproduction.

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