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Fertility Preservation Options in Boca Raton & Aventura

Vitrification Allows Preservation of Unfertilized Eggs

There are many different reasons why you might be considering freezing your eggs, including if you know you would like to become pregnant and give birth in the future. If circumstances are not currently right for you to conceive, but you are in the prime years for ovulation, fertility preservation is in your best interest.

Vitrification Egg Freezing in Palm Beach

The ability to freeze a woman’s eggs is a goal that we have been working towards for several years. Until recently, freezing unfertilized eggs has been very difficult. The technical limitations of freezing the largest cell in the human body without damaging it by internal ice crystals have been more difficult to overcome than expected.

Recently, we have perfected a new technique called vitrification. This technique allows us to freeze eggs in a special cryoprotectant solution, which enables us to preserve the eggs in a suspended glasslike state. Recent refinements to vitrification technique, including closed straws for freezing to avoid egg loss, have enabled us to bring this technology to "prime time" for our patients' benefit.

Using the Most Advanced Fertility Techniques

By preserving unfertilized eggs, many more women will be able to take advantage of this latest fertility preservation technique. By merely administering a small amount of fertility medication, performing egg retrieval and freezing eggs, a woman can insure against her uncertain biological future and prevent reproductive aging. This very exciting development has the potential to take much of the stress away from women who feel their “biological clock” is ticking louder each day.

Other reasons that a woman may want to freeze her eggs include the following:

  • Uncertain reproductive future
  • Positive BRCA test
  • Cancer diagnosis
  • Impending chemo or radiation therapy

We are very excited to be able to offer this groundbreaking technique to our patients here at Palm Beach Fertility Center. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your options, contact us now at (888) 819-5177.

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