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How the Specialist at the Palm Beach Fertility Can Improve Your Chances of Conceiving

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.
IVF Improves Chances to Conceive for Infertile Couples

To date, over one million children have been conceived through the process of in-vitro fertilization. This process is often recommended for couples that cannot be helped by any other fertility treatments due to a certain medical condition. Across America, there are many treatment centers that specialize in this type of medical procedure. One in particular, the Palm Beach Fertility Center, stands out for their consistently high levels of success in helping patients to conceive.

Created in 1994 by Mark Denker, MD, the specialists at the Palm Beach Fertility Center truly understand the struggles experienced by couples trying to conceive, both from a medical and psychological standpoint. The facility’s exceptional reputation within the field derives from having ones of the highest success ratios across the industry, which is a result of the top level standards that are upheld by all staff members working at the facility. Because the clinic holds membership in the SART (Association of Reproductive Treatment), they can be counted upon to continually maintain their high treatment standards.

In Vitro Fertilization means to conceive “outside” of the body

The IVF treatment process involves several complicated steps, each of which involves working closely with an fertility specialist. The first step in the process is the pre treatment phase. At the pre-treatment stage, couples will meet with one of the expert reproductive endocrinologists at the Palm Beach Fertility Center for their initial screening tests. The pre-treatment stage will also involve the review of the patient’s complete medical history and the conducting of various medical tests to ensure IVF compatibility. Some of the tests conducted at this stage of the process include ultrasounds, blood tests, uterine and fallopian tube tests, and a semen analysis for men. Infectious disease testing is also recommended for all.

Mark Denker, MD will guide patients on the ideal methods through which to increase their chances of conceiving during these beginning stages of the IVF treatment regimen. His recommendations will pertain to areas such as diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and weight loss. In addition, Dr. Denker will discuss sexual behavior as well as recommendations on avoiding caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and certain medications.

Mark Denker, MD may also refer patients to one of the many qualified counselors at the facility, who have completed years of extensive training in helping couples through the emotional difficulties that can be experienced when patients are diagnosed with infertility.

Mark Denker, MD designs individualized IVF treatment plans for all couples at Palm Beach Fertility Center.

When all tests have been administered and the results have been examined by the IVF specialists at the Palm Beach Fertility Center, patients will then speak one-on-one with Dr. Denker and the expert IVF nurse in order to discuss the various details of the treatment plan. Patients will be asked during the stage of the process if they have any concerns about particular elements of the treatment plan, as the specialist staff at the facility engage with the patients in an open and honest discussion about the potential permutations of IVF treatment.

Once this initial phase is complete, the patient will then be ready to begin their IVF treatment alongside the highly qualified professionals at the Palm Beach Fertility Center, where they will be given the best opportunity to successfully conceive a child.

To learn more about the IVF process or to speak with one of the industry experts employed at the Palm Beach Fertility Center, contact their administration office today.

About the Palm Beach Fertility Center:

Created in 1994 by Mark Denker, MD, the Palm Beach Center has gone on to become one of the most successful fertility clinics in North America today. Their pioneering work in the field of fertility has helped thousands of couples to experience the joy of parenthood. For more information, please go to