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Donor Services: Weighing Your Options

  • Category: Fertility
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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

When you dreamed of starting a family, you likely envisioned a little one with gorgeous eyes and a bright smile. Infertility may have put those plans on hold, but Dr. Mark Denker and the team at Palm Beach Fertility Center can still help you achieve that dream. In some cases, an infertility evaluation may lead Dr. Denker to suggest donor egg or donor sperm. While these avenues seem less traditional, the end result will likely be a precious baby you can welcome into your loving arms.

Considering Donor Options

The following cases could make you a good candidate for donor egg and/or donor sperm:

  • History of inheritable genetic illnesses
  • Inadequate response to fertility medications
  • Limited ovarian reserve or poor egg quality in the female partner
  • Low sperm count in the male partner
  • Previous failure of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles

The Ins and Outs of Donor Eggs

Palm Beach Fertility Center employs an in-house egg donor program. We carefully adhere to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines for recruiting and screening egg donors. You and your partner can review candidates and choose the right donor to build your family. Dr. Denker has had a 75 percent pregnancy success rate with donor eggs.

We also work with many top-notch egg donation agencies to offer unlimited access to all potential egg donors. Dr. Denker will explain the different choices and help you select the best option for you.

Utilizing Donor Sperm

Generally, sperm donors remain anonymous and are healthy males between the ages of 18 to 40. Our fertility clinic works with top-notch sperm banks that thoroughly screen their donors and provide a complete history of the individuals, including medical information, physical traits, personal details and educational background. As an added safety step, sperm samples are quarantined for at least six months prior to release for selection.

If it feels like the doors are closing on your goal of parenthood, donor services may provide the answer you need. Dr. Denker can explain the process, answer your questions and give you renewed hope for a healthy baby.

For more information about donor services, please visit To schedule a consultation with Dr. Denker, contact our office.