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A Fertility Patient Letter to Dr Mark Denker:Ed, Terra, and little-girl

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Dr. Denker and all “my” wonderful girls,

Hello everyone. First let me start off by telling you all that we really miss coming to see you! You have all been such an amazing part of our story and I think of each of you often. Things have been progressing very well for us, and we have been seeing my regular OB. Everyone is taking good care of us- nothing like you guys of course, but that goes without saying!

God has worked so many amazing miracles for us- from assisting each of you in proving the best care and treatment for us throughout our IVF process, to sustaining this little life with seemingly impossible odds from day one. I feel so blessed to have been a patient in your office, let alone so blessed to be given this amazing miracle that continues to grow inside of me!

With that said, God has blessed us with yet another amazing miracle that I couldn’t wait to share with you… we are getting our girl after all!!! We found out this week that we are having a baby girl! So much for the need to select eggs, and I responded, “that’s ok, I only need one”- I’m sure you laughed to yourself thinking “that’s what you think.” But with prayer and the grace of God, all things are possible. A GIRL!!! After every other amazing miracle each step of the way- A GIRL!!!

I am still overwhelmed by the news. I was sobbing with my hands covering my face and my entire body trembling the moment I heard the letter ‘g’ coming from the technician’s mouth. She didn’t even get the full word out before I couldn’t control how overwhelmed I felt with gratitude and emotion…towards each of you and toward God, of course. Ed had to assure the tech that my tears were that of joy because I couldn’t even speak, and I couldn’t stop sobbing! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for what you have given us and the compassion and friendship you have shown us throughout our time together.

I almost forgot- while in the waiting room at Dr. Patel’s I met a patient of yours. I forget her name but she s a few weeks behind me- and she is already really showing. She heard my story at your office- didn’t know who I was of course, but knew all about our amazing miracle story and she was so happy to meet me in person. (I’m a celebrity now!) She had three eggs fertilize- her second pregnancy. And Dr. D assisted her with her first pregnancy as well. It was quite a coincidence to meet a patient of yours in that way.

At any rate, I thought you would be happy and amazed to hear the news. Enclosed are some pictures form the ultrasound this week- a couple in 3D. So far, everything is perfect. I have moved into my 17th week- I really don’t look much bigger though. Once I start really showing, I will stop by to show off the new me!

I still need to get a group shot of all of you together for the baby book, please! Also, I would love to meet the embryologist in person if that would ever be possible. And, I haven’t forgotten about the possibility of Dr. D. being at our delivery so don’t let him think he is off the hook just yet!

A GIRL…can you believe it…A GIRL!!!!!!!!

Ed, Terra, and little-girl