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Dr. Denker: A Happy Mother's Day After Facing Infertility

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Mother’s Day is that that much sweeter for new mom, Maryann Maguire.

Dr. Mark Denker, a fertility specialist in Boca Raton helped the 38-year-old get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. Four-month-old Michah was born as a result.

Maryann struggled with infertility trying to conceive later in life. In a committed relationship with a good job, she was missing one thing, a baby. After several unsuccessful IUIs (intrauterine insemination) Maryann and her partner finally succeeded with an in vitro fertilization cycle, IVF completed on Mother’s Day 2012. a year later they are celebrating their first Mother’s Day as a family.

For alternative couples, the hurdles to have a family can seem insurmountable.

Maryann painfully remembers being turned away when she approached her OBGYN about help getting pregnant. “I had been going there for years and they knew of my same sex relationship but openly admitted that they could not be a part of helping me become a parent”. This was the first time she had been discriminated against openly and so very personally. “I cried, but quickly regrouped and decided I wouldn’t let it stop me.” says, Maryann.

Maryann got online, found Palm Beach Fertility Center and Dr. Denker. “I called Dr. Denker that same day. I told the receptionist who I was and what I wanted and that I needed to know if they had an issue with that. They welcomed me and we started the process.”

From the call to Dr. Denker to the delivery of her son was 2 roller coaster years. “Was it worth it?” asks Maryann. “You have no idea. I would do everything, every shot, every tear, every procedure all of it a hundred times over to be where I am today, to come home every day and see my son. It’s the most amazing feeling, being a mom.”

Maryann wish is that everyone; straight, single or LGBT that’s ready to have and love a baby is welcomed with open arms. And that her story helps other people going through similar fertility issues.