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Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Traveling During Fertility Treatment

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Summer is often the time for beach vacations, cross country travel, and family reunions. For patients undergoing fertility treatment, taking trips can be a real headache. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we don’t recommend planning to travel during an active in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle; however, we understand that you may schedule short trips at some time during treatment. Dr. Mark Denker wants our patients to be prepared if they travel while taking fertility medication.

4 Helpful Hints for Traveling during Fertility Treatment

The regiment of shots and medications you take can prove taxing under normal circumstances, but adding travel in the mix can make things even more challenging. The following suggestions may make the situation easier on you.

  1. Notify our fertility clinic: Before you leave, contact our fertility office so that we can document your travel schedule and provide that information to Dr. Denker. We will follow up with you if he has any additional feedback to offer.
  2. Pack copies of your medication schedule: To cover all the bases, print several copies of your medication schedule so that you have one in your purse, carry-on and even checked bags. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Check government regulations: If you are flying, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has strict instructions for traveling with liquid substances, ice, and needles. Avoid delays at the security checkpoint and any added stress by finding out the proper steps well in advance.
  4. Don’t forget the extras: Although packing your medications will not likely slip your mind, you will also want to include accessories like alcohol swabs, hand sanitizer, gauze and a sharps disposal container. Finding a location to replace these supplies might not be an easy task in a rural location or on a tropical island.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

The team at Palm Beach Fertility Center wants to make the entire fertility treatment process easier on you, including traveling during fertility treatment. Don’t hesitate to call or contact our Boca Raton fertility clinic if you have questions or concerns.