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Lesbian IVF Options include Reciprocal IVF and Advanced Lab Techniques

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Lesbian IVF Options: When to Consider Advanced Reproductive Technologies

Palm Beach Fertility Center has a long history of helping gay and lesbian couples realize their dreams of becoming parents. Today’s advanced reproductive technologies (ARTS) provide effective treatments, including lesbian IVF options that include both partners in the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth.

For many lesbian couples, intrauterine insemination with donor sperm will provide the most straightforward path to parenthood. Dr. Mark Denker will explain your best reproductive options after an initial fertility workup, and IUI may top the list.

In some cases, we may recommend combining sperm and egg in the lab with in vitro fertilization. You can learn more about the IVF process on our website, and in a consultative appointment with Dr. Denker. Lesbian IVF options help women experience the pregnancy they have envisioned for themselves.

Lesbian IVF Options include Reciprocal IVF and Advanced Lab Techniques

IVF has led to the birth of over 5 million babies, and the standard protocol is the same whether you are gay or straight. When other factors exist, such as blocked fallopian tubes or advanced maternal age, we can circumvent the problem with IVF, now a mainstream fertility treatment.

Dr. Denker generally recommends moving forward with IVF when these special circumstances exist:

Ovarian Reserve Issues

One of the most important indicators for predicting a successful outcome is maternal age. A woman is born with all of the eggs that she will ever have, and over time these eggs diminish in both quantity and quality. Blood tests and sonograms serve as fertility predictors, and we will recommend collecting eggs from the partner with the healthiest ovarian reserve.

When both partners have ovarian reserve issues, Dr. Denker will explain the option of using donor eggs or donor embryos.

Reciprocal IVF

Women who want to enjoy a shared experience should consider reciprocal IVF. In this IVF protocol, one partner elects to provide the eggs for fertilization and the other partner will carry the pregnancy. With this lesbian IVF option, both women will participate in the fertility treatment cycle.

Infertility in Both Partners

Unfortunately, human reproduction is challenging. Even fertile couples only have a 10 percent chance of getting pregnant in any given month. IVF may be the best choice when both lesbian partners have significant causes of infertility.

If you are exploring lesbian IVF options and want to partner with a fertility clinic that offers respectful, affordable and innovative treatments, contact us here. Palm Beach Fertility Center exists to make families possible for all people, and we celebrate your choice to have a baby.