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Infertility Awareness Week 2015

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Palm Beach Fertility Center provides care, support for infertility

For individuals trying to conceive, the struggle with infertility can seem overwhelming and isolating. Statistics show that approximately 1 in 8 couples will experience infertility. Because this disease impacts so many people, RESOLVE, a national infertility association, promotes National Infertility Awareness Week, scheduled for April 19-25, 2015. Dr. Mark Denker and the team at Palm Beach Fertility Center deliver comprehensive medical care to assist patients in their quests to become parents; we also offer resources to help you and your partner deal with infertility.

Understanding the impact of infertility

Although patients often feel like no one understands their experience, RESOLVE has selected a theme of “You are not alone” for this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week. The organization has developed resources for individuals and groups who want to promote knowledge about the issue of infertility. Getting involved can help produce a sense of community and support for patients as well as their families and friends.

Infertility dos and don’ts

If you know someone who is having trouble getting pregnant, keep these suggestions in mind to provide encouragement:

  • Do make sure the individual knows you care and will listen any time.
  • Do reach out and ask how you can help.
  • Do support the decision to continue or stop treatment.
  • Do research common causes of infertility so that you have accurate information.
  • Don’t minimize the significance of infertility.
  • Don’t offer trite advice such as: Relax, take a vacation or consider adoption.
  • Don’t pretend you know what it feels like in this situation.

Visit our Palm Beach fertility clinic

When you are trying to get pregnant and cannot conceive, you may feel discouraged. Let Dr. Denker perform a fertility evaluation and then review treatment options so that you can have the baby you desire. Contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment.