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Natural Stress Busters to Complement Your Fertility Treatment

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Your Body Works Better When It’s Relaxed

Have your battles against infertility left you stressed out? The process of selecting and pursuing different fertility treatments can cause physical stress and emotional tension that bleeds over into your personal, family and work-life while undermining your own wellness. While stress by itself is not a trigger of infertility, it can interfere with normal physical functions while causing muscle pain and headaches, neither of which you need in your life right now. Complementary treatments can help relieve the stress of infertility.

Here are some natural techniques that can help:

Massage – A soothing massage can relax those tight muscles, relieving pent-up stress that the body tends to hold onto even after the immediate stressor has passed. It also improves your lymph flow and circulation to ensure healthy immune response and blood oxygenation.

Acupuncture– Acupuncture has long been known for its stress relief capabilities, and recent research indicates that it may actually inhibit a specific stress protein called neuropeptide Y. As a wonderful fringe benefit, acupuncture can even be effective against some types of infertility!

Relaxation Response – The opposite of adrenalin-fueled “fight or flight” is deep, progressive muscle relaxation. This is a technique you can use in practically any quiet place, either by itself or coupled with guided meditation, to achieve a state of serenity.

Yoga – The Mayo Clinic recommends yoga as a healthy way to relax the body and banish stress. It’s a natural mood lifter that allows teaches you how to control your breathing, an important stress-busting technique. Need More Ideas? Talk to Us!

Sometimes just knowing that you have a friend in your corner can be a huge stress relief. We’re not just doctors — we pride ourselves on serving as trusted advisors to our patients. Contact Palm Beach Fertility and let’s discuss ways you can navigate the fertility treatment waters more smoothly.