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Four Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day While You're Waiting to Become a Mother

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Facing the challenges of infertility and Mother’s Day together can be a real struggle. All too often it reminds us of what’s missing instead of all of the rich and wonderful things we already have in our life. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we encourage all of our fertility patients to take some time on Mother’s Day to indulge in themselves, and appreciate the life they have right now, today.

Restore and Refocus this Mother’s Day

Here are four restorative activities to celebrate your dreams, take care of yourself and connect with the present:

Spa day – You don’t need to go to a fancy, expensive spa to take care of your toes, apply a minty mudpack or take a long luxurious bubble bath. At the spa or at home, take a few hours of “me” time to recharge your batteries, feel spoiled and appreciate the strength and beauty of your body.

Partner appreciation – In most cases, our fertility patients aren’t going through this process alone. Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to spend special time with your partner to celebrate your family dreams together. When you do become parents, that partnership will be an important sustaining force in future stressful times. Make sure you’re showing your partner how grateful you feel to be on this journey as a team.

Give support to others – Is there a woman in your life who is struggling because of work, financial, marital or parenting stress? If so, Mother’s Day is a perfect day to hone your mothering skills by offering to help in a simple daily task that could brighten her day. Grocery shopping, taking her (or her dog!) on a walk, babysitting for a couple hours or helping with cooking or laundry could make the difference in her feeling alone or supported. And you will feel good to nurture others you care about.

Read a book! Watch a movie! – What’s the most common complaint you hear from new parents? They no longer have any time to do many of the adult things they used to enjoy. Think about all of the activities that you might have to put on hold when parenthood begins. Take advantage of your status to read the entire Sunday newspaper or your favorite magazine. Plan a movie or TV series marathon or go out to eat in a fancy restaurant. You will never regret taking this time to enjoy your freedom and take advantage of your flexibility.

From his vast years of experience working with couples facing fertility challenges, fertility specialist Dr. Mark Denker at Palm Beach Fertility Center understands the many ups and downs of the family-building journey. If you would like to discuss your options or get support resources, please contact us to talk to one of our compassionate team members about scheduling an appointment.