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3 Ways Couples Struggling with Infertility Can Strengthen a Relationship during the Holidays

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

The holidays bring friends and family together, including couples struggling with infertility.

The holiday season has arrived. Decorations hang in stores, and the cheerful phrase—happy holidays—rings through the air. Many greet the season with gladness and joy, but couples struggling with infertility often face the holidays with sadness and fear. Dr. Mark Denker and the team at Palm Beach Fertility Center encourages couples to strengthen their relationship during the holidays.

The holidays intensify the stress that couples feel while trying to overcome infertility.

One in eight couples will have a difficult time trying to get pregnant. People struggling with infertility can feel stressed, grieved, guilty, angry, shamed and emotionally numbed. Seeing fertile couples having no difficulty conceiving only adds to their stress.

Understandably, couples with infertility often have a harder time during the holidays. We emphasize children this time of the year, which can increase a couple’s awareness of their infertility. At family gatherings, couples may endure rude, thoughtless comments about their infertility struggles, and seeing pregnant relatives may add to their angst.

Couples struggling with infertility can find peace this holiday season

The holiday season opens up many opportunities for couples to celebrate and strengthen their relationship.

  1. A couple can take time to discuss their feelings with each other. Experiencing infertility counts as a life crisis, and partners should not suppress their emotions. Communication lets partners express their feelings and support each other.
  2. During the holidays, a couple can set aside time to be alone together. They can spend an evening by candlelight or an afternoon walking along the beach. A couple can relax and delight in their love for each other.
  3. A couple can start their own holiday traditions. They can have a special holiday dinner together or even create a tradition that celebrates their love and being a family. Having their own traditions can build their identity as a family despite their infertility.

Anyone struggling with infertility experiences immense stress during the holidays. If you wish to make a plan to conceive in the New Year, contact us. Your team at Palm Beach Fertility Center will help you move past infertility and cope with the strain during the holidays.