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Parenting as Single Men

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Our Boca Raton fertility clinic assists single men with their parenting dreams

As a reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Mark Denker has the expertise to aid couples and individuals in achieving their goals of parenthood. At our Palm Beach fertility clinic, we work with patients from all facets of life, including single males who wish to become fathers. When you visit our fertility center, we can explain the options available to single men who want to create or expand their families.

Dr. Denker offers fertility treatment options for single men

Families come in various shapes and sizes. The team at our Palm Beach fertility clinic delivers state-of-the-art fertility treatment to area patients. For single men who are looking to become fathers, we often suggest egg donation and surrogacy provided by a gestational carrier. This two-step process can allow men who have not yet found a life partner to welcome a child into their lives.

Exploring egg donation and surrogacy

As a single man, having a biological child would first involve finding an egg donor. To facilitate the process, our Palm Beach fertility clinic offers an in-house egg donor program. We thoroughly screen our egg donors so that intended parents can rest easy as they make their selection.

After choosing the egg donor, you would then need to decide on a surrogate, or gestational carrier, who would carry the pregnancy to term. The gestational carrier may be someone you know or an individual you find through a surrogacy agency.

Once the egg donor and gestational surrogate are in place, Dr. Denker and our team would schedule the egg retrieval. We also collect a sperm sample so that the eggs could be fertilized with your sperm in the IVF lab. Healthy embryos are then transferred to the gestational carrier in the hopes that a successful pregnancy would occur.

If you are a single man and are considering fatherhood, we can help you find the appropriate path to achieve the desired outcome. We can explain the egg donation and surrogacy process as well as answer any questions you have. Contact our Boca Raton fertility clinic for more information.