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Happy Valentine's Day

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

With Valentine’s Day upcoming, many couples are trying to maintain the romance in their relationship and not let their infertility stress them out. Here are some tips to help keep things in perspective and keep their Valentine’s Day holiday focused on the romance.

Make Valentine's Day special: Dedicate the time and the resources to have a special evening just for the two of you, have dinner, have a nice night, but do not discuss your fertility problems or anything related to hastening the process. Let the evening be all about the two of you.

When trying on your own, keep the following in mind:

  1. Over-the-counter ovulation predictor kits are the best place to start. These kits pick up the LH surge, which is the brain’s chemical signal to the ovary to begin the process of ovulation. Because the LH surge happens 40 hours before ovulation, it is a good signal to know when it is the best time to have sex. The best time to have sex after a positive ovulation kit is that night or the next night.
  2. Leave the basal body temperature chart at home. Although basal body temperature charting is useful in the long run to tell if the woman is ovulating or not, it is useless when it comes to timing the best time to have sex. The reason for this is that temperature does not rise until progesterone rises, and this does not occur until a day after ovulation. Thus, if you use basal body temperature charting, you have missed the optimum fertility window.
  3. Leave the timing to us! By monitoring your cycles with a combination of ultrasound and estrogen levels, we can determine the exact best time for conception to occur. Let us take the stress out of your trying to conceive, so you can focus on each other and the things that are most important for the two of you.