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Questions to Ask if You're Considering Egg Freezing

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

If you are certain that you will want to become pregnant and have a child later in life, but are unsure of the timeline, you may consider freezing your eggs. Egg harvestation is also an available option for women who have been recently diagnosed with cancer and are awaiting chemotherapy. Regardless of your current situation, when making these decisions, it’s likely you’ll have a number of questions regarding the procedure and what it entails.

When should I freeze my eggs?

Many women freeze their eggs when they reach prime reproductive years. If you’re considering freezing your eggs, the best time to do so is during your 20s and early 30s – this allows you to take advantage of the quality and quantity of your eggs. You can get a clear understanding of your current egg count with standard fertility and hormone testing.

How does it work?

Your eggs are the largest cell in your body and contain a large amount of water, which can be difficult to freeze. If not frozen properly, the ice crystals that form can destroy the cell and make the egg unusable. By using vitrification, eggs are frozen in a special substance that protects tissue from damage that can occur during the freezing process. With vitrification, eggs are preserved and kept in a suspended glasslike state which ensures that they stay usable.

How many eggs should I freeze?

The amount of eggs you freeze depends on the amount of eggs you currently have and their quality. In most cases, women who are under the age of 38 find themselves harvesting 10-20 eggs per cycle. The number of eggs you freeze varies from patient to patient – if you have any concerns over the amount of eggs you need to harvest, you should voice them to your doctor. Together, you both can come up with a fertility plan that works best for you.

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