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Discussing Infertility With Your Partner

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

If you’ve just been given the news that you and your partner are unable to conceive, there’s a wave of emotion that the two of you must work to deal with together. In the aftermath of receiving such difficult news, it can be easy to lash out on your partner out of frustration and disappointment. In this blog, our Boca Rotan fertility doctor shares how best to discuss infertility with your partner.

Avoid Blame

While it may seem like a good idea in the heat of your anger to throw the blame on your partner, there’s never a winner when you play the blame game. Infertility can be caused by a number of factors, and there’s no use in blaming someone for something that is out of his or her control. You’ll find that a much healthier discussion can be had if you change the scope of your conversation to talk about how you two are willing to consider the many options that are available.

Set Boundaries

Talking about infertility is not a one-time discussion. It’s likely that you and your partner will be visiting the topic of starting a family frequently. It’s important, however, that you don’t let it consume your relationship. Set limits on how long you want the discussion to go on for, and plan days that you and your partner spend together without discussing infertility. Be kind to yourself – allow you and your partner to bask in a stress-free day every once in a while.

Seek Help From Support Groups

Talk to your partner to see if he or she would be willing to attend a support group meeting for other couples who are dealing with the same struggles. Infertility can feel rather isolating and polarizing. It may help to see and speak with other people who understand where you and your partner are going through.

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