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Palm Beach Fertility Center- Offering the Latest Fertility Treatments to South Florida

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Successful Infertility Treatment Begins with the Right Fertility Clinic

To achieve success with complex fertility treatments, it takes a seamless blend of world-class medical expertise and cutting edge medical innovation. For many millions of Americans, they rely upon this combination in order to realize their dreams of one day parenting a child. And with one of the best client success ratios in the country, the Palm Beach Facility Center stands out in this field.

Created in 1994 by Mark Denker, MD, the Palm Beach Facility Center has become renowned both nationally and internationally as one of the premiere clinics for the treatment of fertility-related medical issues. That’s because the clinic has gone on to become one of the best performing in the country, achieving exceptionally high pregnancy ratios that are only rivaled by fertility specialists at the very highest echelons of the field.

Fertility Success Rates

Throughout the history of the Palm Beach Facility Center, there have been many success stories of couples who have achieved their personal conception goals by working with the clinic’s industry experts. For example Dr. Denker has his team successfully helped a couple in which the man had no sperm and the woman had no uterus to have a baby.

They completed this process by synchronizing the woman’s ovulation cycle with that of a gestational surrogate. Dr. Denker was then able to retrieve eggs from the wife and sperm from the husband and create embryos that were implanted into the surrogate carrier’s uterus. The surrogate then gave birth to a completely healthy baby that was completely the couple’s own biological child. And the couple were thus able to achieve the miracle of which they had always dreamed.

There are thousands of stories just like these that have come as a result of their world-class fertilization treatments conducted at the Palm Beach Fertility Center. The exceptional success achieved by Dr. Denker and his team is founded not only upon their years of experience in the field, but the cutting edge medical environment in which they carry out their work. The clinic’s IVF laboratory features state-of-the-art equipment, and is staffed by highly qualified technicians who operate under the strictest quality control procedures within the industry.

Nationally Recognized Success Rates Start in the IVF lab

The Palm Beach IVF laboratory is a designated clean room, which means that it has a separate heating, cooling and ventilation system from the rest of the facility. This ensures that the laboratory remains free from air-borne contaminants, and that samples are always kept in optimal conditions for successful implantation. As an additional security mechanism to prevent misuse, there is a strict labeling policy in force across the laboratory area of the facility to ensure that there is no possibility of a mistake during procedures and to prevent security issues from arising.

With an unwavering commitment to offering each patient that enters their facility the one-on-one medical care and psychological support they require when undergoing fertility treatments, the Palm Beach Fertility Center stands out for their ability to offer hope to those looking to achieve the dream of having a child. With each success they have, their reputation continues to grow across the industry. Contact the clinic’s in-house specialists today to learn more about the treatment options available to you.

About the Palm Beach Fertility Center:

Created in 1994 by Dr. Mark Denker, the Palm Beach Center has gone on to become one of the most successful fertility clinics in North America today. Their pioneering work in the field of fertility has helped thousands of couples to experience the joy of parenthood.