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A Guide to the IUI Procedure

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a laboratory procedure that separates viable, fast-moving sperm from sluggish, slow-moving sperm. Many women who suffer from infertility choose intrauterine insemination as a treatment option – because of its flexibility, IUI can be coordinated with a woman’s normal cycle and fertility medications. A fertility doctor may recommend IUI to patients who are experiencing issues with ovulation or are diagnosed with mild to severe endometriosis.

Getting Ready for an IUI Procedure

Before the procedure, you’ll visit with a fertility specialist to undergo the necessary pre-IUI workup – in order to perform the procedure, the doctor needs to ensure that you are in good health and can successfully support a pregnancy. There’s a possibility that you may be put on ovulation drugs to monitor egg production and uterine health. These drugs will also help the doctor determine when the best time would be to inject the sperm and begin the procedure.

During the IUI Procedure

Once the sperm is prepared in the laboratory, it will be inserted into your cervix. This part of the procedure will typically last 1-2 hours and is virtually painless. Because you'll be lying down for the duration of the procedure, some patients choose to bring a book to read while in the exam room. Some doctors recommend that patients bring a friend with them to their appointment for support.

After the IUI Procedure

A week after your ovulation cycle, the fertility doctor will call you back for a follow-up appointment to monitor your progesterone levels. In order to get an idea of whether the procedure was successful, the doctor will inspect the uterus with an ultrasound.

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