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Can Antioxidants Improve Male Fertility?

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Many people swear by the power of antioxidants. Whether it’s warding off cancer or healing the effects of aging, there seems like there is something new that antioxidants can cure or prevent every other week. Even though those claims may have some truth or be completely false, scientists have recently found a link between antioxidants and male fertility.

Studies and Results

A recent study in New Zealand reviewed 34 clinical trials that tested the effects of antioxidants on fertility. In these trials, more than 2,500 couples that were undergoing subfertility or infertility treatments. The results were shocking.

From these studies, scientists noted that:

  • Men taking the antioxidant supplements were four times more likely to get their partner pregnant
  • There was a link between the antioxidants and a five-time higher rate of live birth

Should I put all my effort into antioxidants?

Not quite.

The scientists that reviewed the case studies believe that they need further investigation and information to confirm any findings. Many fertility doctors have completely dismissed these findings, claiming that there wasn’t enough evidence to support the claim.

More than not, fertility specialists suggest that you shouldn’t put all your effort into only antioxidants. Taking supplements while continuing your fertility treatments is better than hoping that the antioxidants will solve everything.

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