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What You Need to Know About Your Natural Fertility

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Fertility refers to people’s natural capability to produce children. When people want to have a child, they are typically concerned with whether or not they are fertile. There are also many misconceptions about fertility that can often steer couples wrong. Here are a few facts all people should know regarding natural fertility.

Infertility Is Common

Believe it or not, many couples struggle to conceive children. Around 1 in 8 couples will have problems becoming parents, although a majority of young couples will achieve a pregnancy within the 1st year of unprotected sex. Fertility will depend on many factors, but the problem could stem from female fertility, male fertility, or a combination of the two. If the infertility is inexplicable, usually occurring in about 10% of couples, it can be diagnosed when available tests come back normal.

Pregnancy Rates Are Fairly Low

Actual pregnancy rates are about 15% to 20% per cycle. This means it could take up to a year or more to conceive. Most couples don’t become pregnant the first month they try, and around 90% achieve pregnancy after 1 year of trying, barring blocked tubes or low sperm count.

Timing Intercourse Is Inexact

Many people try to time their intercourse according to a woman’s ovulation cycle, as the most fertile window is about 6 days before ovulation begins. While it’s best to have sex during that time, some women have irregular menstrual cycles, meaning it can be difficult to predict the best window. Some women use a basal body temperature to determine their best fertile window; however, it can only detect the window after ovulation occurs, which may be too late. The best course of action is to have sex every 1 to 2 days during that time to help maximize your fertility within a given cycle.

Lube Can Be Problematic

Not all lubes are created equal. Some couples use lubricants (lube) to help facilitate smooth movement during sex. However, not all lubes are made with the same base. Some are water based while others are oil or silicon based. The trouble comes from the lubes that interfere with sperm motility (movement), such as canola oil, mineral oil, or lubes based in hydroxyethylcellulose.

There Are No Magic Bullets

People offer many types of herbal remedies that supposedly boosts fertility; however, many of these products are unregulated, which makes purity, effectiveness, and dosing highly questionable. Likewise, some products are outright illegal, such as those collected from endangered species. Common herbal remedies such as St. John’s wort and red clover could also interfere with fertility medications, making them useless.

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