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Is IVF Covered By Insurance?

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Many people assume in-vitro fertilization is a fairly straight forward process. Some people can’t make a baby, so doctors will use the latest technology to make one for them. However, if you think IVF is this simple, you’d be wrong. There are numerous facets to the entire process and one minor error can make you have to start all over again from the beginning.

Those who try IVF must regularly visit the doctor for morning checkups. During these medical examinations, blood is drawn and vaginal ultrasounds are administered. From mixing and measuring powders and diluents that need to be self-administered with a syringe, to making sure numerous tests and procedures are taken on a regular basis, IVF can be a very overwhelming experience.

IVF is also very expensive and costs close to $20,000 for one cycle. In most cases, IVF isn’t even covered by insurance companies. Unfortunately, many who are infertile must take on a significant amount of debt if they want a shot at having children.

Most insurance companies in the United States steered clear of IVF when it was first introduced to the public. Although IVF was a medical and scientific breakthrough, it was still seen as an experimental form of medicine.

According to Dr. Richard J. Paulson, immediate past president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, some insurance companies still have this view to this day, despite the fact that 8 million babies around the globe have been born because of IVF. In fact, these babies are just as healthy as the general population.

Insurance companies have also viewed infertility as a women's health issue and have been known to deny coverage to woman with this condition, even though close to 50% of infertility cases are the result of what is known as "male factor infertility." Although some insurance companies are beginning to expand coverage into other areas of reproductive health, IVF coverage continues to be uncommon for infertile women.

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