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Should I Use Fresh or Frozen Donor Eggs?

Getting pregnant with donor eggs can fulfill your dreams of being a parent, but deciding to proceed with it may seem daunting. As the recipient, donor eggs are implanted into your uterus where it will grow and develop, and you will carry the baby and deliver the baby yourself. Egg donation is a popular fertility treatment for women who have diminished ovarian reserve, a condition where the woman has low egg count or quality. Those who cannot carry their own biological children because of diminished ovarian reserve or other reasons have options for how they will receive a donor egg.

There is more than one way a recipient can receive a donor egg, either through fresh and frozen egg donation. Whether you receive a fresh donor egg or a frozen egg depends on which option is better suited to your lifestyle while considering the key differences between the two. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but your fertility specialist can help you determine which is right for you through a personalized fertility treatment plan.

Fresh Egg Donation Pros & Cons

A fresh egg donation involves the donor and recipient synchronizing their menstrual cycles using medication. The donor is stimulated with fertility drugs and monitoring during an IVF program, and the resulting eggs are retrieved and taken directly for fertilization by the intended father’s sperm. An embryo that develops is then transferred to the recipient. One 2017 study found that the use of fresh eggs was 19% more likely to result in a live birth, although data for private egg donation is not available for study.

Frozen Egg Donation Pros & Cons

In a frozen egg donation, the donor’s eggs are frozen for later use rather than immediately implanting them into the recipient’s uterus, where it will develop and grow. There is typically little or no waiting needed in this scenario, and the frozen eggs are immediately available to the recipient. Frozen egg donation is often a more convenient option, and it is a popular alternative, but there are drawbacks. However, there may be fewer embryos available, and you’ll have fewer options of finding a donor who feels like the best possible match. Personalized matching is only available with a fresh cycle.

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