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Is Gestational Surrogacy a Good Option for Me?

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Building your family through a gestational carrier likely never occurred to you as an option when you decided you wanted to become a parent. Parents may opt for a gestational carrier if the female partner is unable to carry a baby herself, or if a single male or male same-sex couple wants to have a baby genetically related to them. Well-educated parents who explore the option of a gestational surrogate can enjoy watching their baby develop before they are born.

Women and men who may benefit from gestational surrogacy include:

  • Women who do not have a functional uterus, such as having extensive fibroids
  • Women with significant health conditions that could be affected by pregnancy
  • Women with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Men in a same-sex union or single men who want to have a biological child

The Process of Choosing a Surrogate & What You Should Know

Finding a gestational carrier is a multiphase process. Whoever you choose, the surrogate will be carefully screening with a background check, medical exam, and psychological exam. You will work with an agency to select a surrogate, and you will establish legal agreements between each other. You should have a lawyer who specializes in assisted reproduction on your side to help you iron out legal and financial details between you and your gestational carrier that includes details on compensation. The lawyer can also explain to you the details about whether the intended mother of the baby born via surrogate will be able to be on the baby’s birth certificate, too.

The medical process of impregnating a surrogate mother also has multiple steps. Surrogate mothers are impregnated via in-vitro fertilization (IV) either using the intended mother’s egg or using a donor’s egg (in either case, this means the surrogate mother will not be the genetic mother of the child). Sperm may come from either the intended father or a sperm donor. Most surrogate mothers want the intended parents to be involved in their pregnancy, so you should determine how far you are willing to travel to stay in touch with your gestational carrier.

Considering Surrogacy? Contact Palm Beach Fertility Center.

At Palm Beach Fertility Center, our team is proud to bring surrogates together with parents-to-be. When you decide surrogacy is the best option for you, we can help you through the process and discuss your various options for the highest chances of success.

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