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What to Expect with Egg Donation

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Everything You Need to Know About the Egg Donation Process

Are you interested in learning more about the process of egg donation? If you’ve been wondering how you can become an egg donor, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team at Palm Beach Fertility Center can determine if you are eligible to become a donor based on a thorough review of your medical history and a comprehensive physical examination, including certain laboratory tests.

To schedule an appointment to determine your eligibility for egg donation, give us a call at (888) 819-5177 today. We appreciate your interest in helping a family conceive!

Defining Egg Donation

Donating your eggs is a big decision to make, so it is important to make sure you understand the basics before pursuing the decision further. Informed consent is crucial in the egg donation process, so every party involved is clear on their rights and the details of the procedure.

As outlined by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, egg donation refers to the transfer of unfertilized eggs from one woman (the donor) to another (the recipient). Eggs will be multiplied during the donor’s cycle and then removed using a thin needle attached to an ultrasound probe. This allows your physician to safely and precisely retrieve as many eggs as possible. The eggs will then be fertilized through IVF and placed into the womb of the recipient.

While it is a common fear among egg donors that the procedure will lead to depleted ovarian reserve or future infertility, this is actually a common misconception. In fact, research has suggested that egg donation does not impact future fertility whatsoever.

It is also important to note that while the recipient may not have biological relation to the child, they will still be the birth parent on record. Donors have no legal connection to the child.

You can learn more about the process of becoming an egg donor at Palm Beach Fertility Center here.

Am I Eligible to Donate My Eggs?

There are a lot of considerations that factor into egg donation. In addition to your medical history and preliminary screening results, the additional criteria will also be factored into your eligibility potential for donation:

  • Age (between 21 and 31)
  • Weight (healthy body mass index)
  • Drug testing (drug free, nonsmokers)
  • Appointment commitment (5-10 appointments total)

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine also recommends that women may want to refrain from donating eggs if:

  • They’ve been diagnosed with a severe psychological disorder
  • They’ve struggled with substance abuse
  • They’re taking certain medications that could affect egg production
  • Significant stressors are currently present
  • They’ve experienced physical or sexual abuse

Donating Your Eggs at Palm Beach Fertility Center

If you’re ready to begin the process of egg donation, we’re here to help. If you are deemed eligible to donate, you will go through the following steps:

  • Egg donor matching
  • Suppression and ovarian stimulation
  • Ovulation trigger and egg retrieval
  • Post-retrieval check-up

Egg donation can change the life of a family hoping to conceive, whether they’re experiencing infertility, going through medical treatments that are impacting conception, or are an LGBT couple looking for family building options.

To schedule your appointment for preliminary donor screenings, contact Palm Beach Fertility Center today at (888) 819-5177.