Ovarian Reserve Testing

Ovarian Reserve Testing at Palm Beach Fertility Center

Would You Like to Learn About Your Fertility?

If you are interested in learning about your fertility potential, you may want to consider undergoing ovarian reserve testing. A woman’s ovarian reserve refers to a woman’s present supply of eggs and this form of testing can evaluate the quality and quantity of eggs a woman currently has in her body. Ovarian reserve testing at Palm Beach Fertility Center tells us a lot about future fertility and help us to explain your options to you.

Dr. Mark Denker can give you helpful information about your fertility potential. Call us today at (888) 819-5177 to make an appointment.

Understanding Fertility Potential

Ovarian reserve is closely related to a woman’s reproductive potential. In most cases, normal ovarian reserve is related to normal fertility potential. Decreased ovarian reserve can decrease the odds for getting pregnant. Although it is expected that a woman’s ovaries will age in a specific way, sometimes the decline of the ovarian reserve can be faster than expected. That is why Dr. Denker considers ovarian reserve testing an essential part of a woman’s initial infertility evaluation.

We offer a three step ovarian reserve and fertility potential testing procedure:

  • Ultrasound allows our doctor to directly view the ovaries, and assess the number of follicles present, as well as the size of the ovaries.
  • AMH, Anti-Mullerian Hormone, is a blood test that can be drawn to evaluate ovarian reserve.
  • We will also order blood testing for FSH, LH, estradiol, and inhibin-B. Abnormal hormone levels can lead to female infertility, but can be corrected with fertility medications.

Predicting Your Chances for Fertility

It is well known that egg quantity and quality decline as we age. No matter your age, Dr. Denker will recommend ovarian reserve testing because fertility can vary significantly in women of the same age group.

To determine the most effective female fertility treatment options, call us today at (888) 819-5177 for an appointment.


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