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David Kreiner, MD

  • Position: A Leading Fertility Specialist Committed to Your Family
  • Gender: Male

About David

Dr. David Kreiner, MD, graduated with Cum Laude honors and AOA distinction from Downstate Medical School in 1981, marking the beginning of a distinguished career in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI). His passion for helping individuals and couples build their families through in vitro fertilization (IVF) was ignited in 1977, the year the first IVF baby was born. This groundbreaking moment occurred during his first year of medical school, inspiring Dr. Kreiner to dedicate his life to the field of IVF.
In November 1980, while still a fourth-year medical student, Dr. Kreiner undertook a rotation in REI under the mentorship of a recent Johns Hopkins REI fellowship graduate, Dr. Zev Rosenwaks. It was then that Dr. Kreiner proposed the idea of establishing the first IVF center on Long Island to Dr. Rosenwaks. Despite the initial skepticism, citing the unique success of the only IVF center in the U.S. at the time in Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. Kreiner was undeterred. He chose to pursue his residency in Stony Brook, NY, under Dr. Rosenwaks, who later became the Medical Director of the Jones Institute, the American pioneer program in IVF, in 1983.
Dr. Kreiner's dedication to the field was further demonstrated during his fellowship in Norfolk in 1985, where he earned several awards for his research on endometriosis, PCOS, and IVF. After completing his fellowship and spending a year as an Assistant Professor, Dr. Kreiner realized his vision by founding the first successful IVF program on Long Island in 1988, Long Island IVF.
Following the establishment of Long Island IVF, Dr. Kreiner continued to enhance his expertise and contribute to the field of fertility. Over the years, he has gained invaluable experience, keeping abreast of the latest technological and methodological advancements in reproductive medicine. His commitment to excellence and patient-centered care has helped countless individuals and couples navigate the complex journey of fertility, offering them hope and support every step of the way.
Dr. Kreiner is thrilled to join the Palm Beach Fertility Center, viewing it as an exciting new chapter in his career where he can continue to make significant contributions to the field of reproductive medicine. His decision to join the center is fueled by a desire to leverage his extensive experience and passion for helping more individuals and couples achieve their dream of parenthood in a new community. Dr. Kreiner looks forward to bringing his expertise, innovative approaches, and compassionate care to the Palm Beach Fertility Center, furthering their mission to provide exceptional fertility services.