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Unexplained Infertility Is Common, But Treatable

Making the decision to have your first baby or another child with your partner or spouse is very exciting and an important step towards achieving a pregnancy. However, once you have begun trying to get pregnant, or have undergone tests and found that there is a cause of infertility, you may feel that hope is lost.

Thanks to advancements in treatment, we offer a variety of solutions for even unexplained infertility at Palm Beach Fertility Center. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.

Why Are Some Cases of Infertility Unexplainable?

You may wonder why some cases of infertility are more clear-cut than others. Dr. Denker shares the frustration of the men and women who come to our clinic looking for answers only to find that no clear reason exists for their infertility.

The American Association for Reproductive Medicine, or ASRM, has explained that, "couples with unexplained infertility may have problems with egg quality, tubal function, or sperm function that are difficult to diagnose and/or treat." Another contributing factor involves embryo implantation. Fertility specialists and embryologists continue to search for answers as to why some pregnancies inexplicably end at this stage of the reproductive process.

Testing for Unexplained Infertility

At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we are committed to providing you with compassionate care. We know that struggling with infertility is no easy feat and we are here to work with you to overcome your challenges. Whether you are looking for a second opinion or for testing, we are here to help. We can re-run semen analysis, blood tests, and hormone tests to ensure that results remain the same.

We may also provide an in-office sonograms and serial blood draws to evaluate the female cycle. If you have not had minimally invasive fertility surgeries in the past, Dr. Denker will discuss the pros and cons with you to determine if this is an option for you.

Moving Forward After a Diagnosis

Even if you have been diagnosed with an unexplained cause of infertility, there is still hope for you to achieve pregnancy. We tend to gravitate toward more conservative, low-tech options when you have unexplained infertility. Dr. Mark Denker favors a stair-step approach to treating unexplained infertility.

Think of intrauterine insemination as the first step, leading to advanced reproductive technologies (ARTs):

  • Ovulation induction with Clomid
  • Intrauterine insemination IUI involving either 1) oral fertility medications or 2) injectable medications and oral medications
  • In-vitro fertilization IVF

Schedule an Appointment Today

Oftentimes, couples with an unexplained diagnosis will eventually get pregnant without medical intervention. However, advanced maternal age can add another complicating factor when too much time passes.

If you are ready to proceed with fertility treatment to condense the time it takes to get pregnant, contact a member of our staff at Palm Beach Fertility Center today at (888) 819-5177. Dr. Denker will act quickly to resolve the issue so that you can start or add to your family.


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