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  • How Could Endometriosis Affect Fertility?

    Millions of women across the United States are affected by endometriosis, a condition that affects the female reproductive organs. This condition can be extremely painful for most women, and in severe cases, it could lead to additional lasting health issues. Unfortunately, many of the women who exhibit signs of endometriosis also experience fertility issues as a result. Understanding Endometriosis ...
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  • How Can I Track My Fertility?

    Most hopeful parents want to do all that they can to ensure that they do what is best to ensure they conceive the child they’ve been dreaming of. Some couples are able to conceive quickly, while others tend to struggle, and perhaps require fertility treatments to help nature along. Whatever the case, a key step in conception is tracking your fertility. Women are not always fertile. In fact, there ...
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  • Putting an End to Endometriosis

    Targeted Treatment for Endometriosis Can Restore Fertility For some women, endometriosis causes infertility ; for others, it does not. Your fertility specialist considers endometriosis a stumbling block to leading a hormonally balanced and fertile life, and will want to address it as part of a comprehensive fertility workup. While some doctors may recommend treating the symptoms of endometriosis, ...
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  • PCOS: An Inadequate Name for a Serious Condition

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: What Is It? Throughout medical history, terms for ailments have been revised to give a better idea of what issues they represent. Many women struggling with a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, feel the same way about their affliction’s current moniker — and they’re calling for a change. PCOS may be present in as many as 10 percent of all ...
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  • Can't Get Pregnant? The Barrier Could Be Endometriosis

    Every woman has endometrial tissue lining the inside of her uterus. When endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus, the condition is called endometriosis . With endometriosis, endometrial tissue resides abnormally on the outside of the uterus, on the ovaries, on the fallopian tubes, or on other structures in the abdomen. The condition, though widely undiagnosed, is thought to affect more than 5 ...
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  • Identifying and Treating Female Infertility So You Can Experience Motherhood

    Most couples want to experience the joys that come with pregnancy and parenthood. But before they can know these wonders, they first have to conceive. Conception can be difficult for some couples; in fact, one in 8 couples experiences problems getting pregnant. Dr. Mark Denker, founder of Palm Beach Fertility Center, says many issues can contribute to female infertility . Female infertility may be ...
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