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  • How Can I Become an Egg Donor?

    Are you interested in donating your eggs to individuals and couples facing fertility issues? By donating your eggs, you can help other men and women start families they wouldn’t otherwise be able to create. While some believe donating your eggs is a complicated process, with the right help and guidance, it can be much easier to handle than you might think. Why Are Egg Donors Needed? Not all women ...
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  • Dr. Denker Speaks at Egg Freezing & Infertility Seminar

    For couples considering egg freezing or infertility treatments, it can be difficult to find the information you need. To get the answers to the questions you’ve been asking, make sure you attend Dr. Denker’s discussion about the Innovations in Egg Freezing & Infertility on March 1 at WeWork Coral Gables. This talk will cover a variety of topics relevant to hopeful parents, or for individuals ...
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  • What is In-Vitro Fertilization & How Does It Work?

    When couples have trouble conceiving naturally, there are scientific methods that can help the body long. Through in-vitro fertilization, an egg is harvested and fertilized in a lab setting before it is placed back into the woman’s body to develop naturally. For couples who have difficulty conceiving naturally, or for lesbian couples using a sperm donor, this fertilization treatment can be the ...
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  • Ask Dr. Denker: Is Mini IVF Right for Me?

    You may have heard about mini IVF or low-dose IVF from friends or in the news. This protocol tweaks the standard ovarian stimulation phase of IVF with lower dosages of gonadotropin fertility medications. The theory is that women who are in their 20s with a good supply of eggs don’t need the extra stimulation, and women in their 40s with a depleted egg supply won’t produce extra eggs anyway. You ...
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  • IVF Basics: The Least You Need to Know

    Understanding In Vitro Fertilization You may have heard the term IVF a lot in your quest to conceive, but what exactly do we mean by it? What is in vitro fertilization, and how does it work? If you’ve been a little unclear on these questions, allow us at Palm Beach Fertility Center to offer a brief explanation. “In vitro” literally translates as “in glass,” referring to the artificial environment ...
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