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Celebrate Infertility Awareness Week

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  • Written By: Mark Denker, M.D.

Get Your Fertility Plan in Order!

Many couples are waiting longer and longer before they start trying to build a family. There are many good reasons for this: finishing education, moving up the career ladder or bulking up their savings account to support a family.

Unfortunately, too long of a delay can mean trouble for pregnancy plans down the line. In honor of Infertility Awareness Week, fertility specialist Dr. Mark Denker and the rest of the Palm Beach Fertility Center team encourage you to start the planning now!

The Best Time for Fertility Planning Is Now

Fertility planning doesn’t mean that you’ll need to start trying to get pregnant today…or even tomorrow. It means that you gather all of the necessary information now to make informed decisions about what makes the most sense for family building in your situation in the short, medium and long term.

Fertility Factors to Keep in Mind for Your Future Baby Plans

A good place to start your planning is with consideration of all of the factors that could affect your fertility health. These include:

  1. Age – Both women and men have increased risk for infertility as they age. Older women have an increased chance of high-risk pregnancies. There is also research to suggest that babies born to older parents can have higher risk for certain medical conditions.
  2. Medical history – If one or both partners have a history of certain medical conditions – or are currently living with chronic conditions – there’s a chance that fertility could be affected now or in the future. The longer we live with disease, the more likely it can impact fertility.
  3. History of infertility – Has either partner already experienced infertility or multiple miscarriages? If the problem wasn’t appropriately diagnosed and treated it might prevent future pregnancies.

Discuss Your Options with a Board-Certified Fertility Specialist

Even if you aren’t ready to start a family now, it’s never too early to discuss future plans with a fertility expert like Dr. Mark Denker. He can explain the options you have available for fertility preservation – like egg freezing – that will give you peace of mind for building the future family of your dreams. Contact us to schedule a consultation to get your plan started.